Business Opportunities and People Being WEIRD About Them..

tombirkenmeyercomGive up putting on a “sales hat” and being someone you’re not. Your friends don’t like it. Most strangers don’t like it.

When you’re fake ya push people away.

I know ya don’t mean to..

I Have a business too.

I started getting awesome results when I gave up my facade that was all driven by my Horrible SHYNESS.

When I brought out more of my authentic self and my personality I blew up my personal income over Seven Hundred percent within one year. Now I’m a FREE Human Being and I work for FREE. It was the year 2010 when our BUBBLE BUTT economy crashed and everyone else lost a LOT.

Just wanna let ya know from personal experience being weird and fake even if ya mean well can really cause you tons of fruitless efforts and unending frustrations…

If you’re open to a suggestion from me to you…

YOU are your business not the other way around =)

Let all the suckers with a job working for a paycheck live for only two days of the week they get to be themselves at their own leisure..

Every New Relationship in your Life was either forced or developed Organically without force. Let your business be a FORCE that Grows Organically NOT a weird forceful growth…

Create Content every day that is YOU and messages of good and healing that you LOVE…

Save your best performers so you can put them on rotation and recycle them…

Content can be blogs, facebook posts, original pictures, original videos etc..

Be creative..


Your business will grow organically if ya do it on purpose.

Authentically Me =)

– Tom

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