If You’re Doing Cardio, Are You Burning Calories From Fat?

It depends!

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AS I was saying, does cardio burn calories from fat? Depending on the type of cardio you’re doing it does or it doesn’t. Are you doing aerobic or anaerobic cardio exercise? Aerobic cardio burns calories from blood sugar. Anaerobic cardio exercise burns calories from both blood sugar and from fat. In fact, anaerobic exercise has a post caloric burn affect that lasts residually for up to about 48 hours after your anaerobic workout has ended. Residual is awesome whether you’re talking about money or your health.

Aerobic vs. anaerobic in it’s simplest form is with oxygen verses without oxygen. If something is aerobic it is with oxygen. If something is anaerobic it is without oxygen. This doesn’t mean if you want to burn calories from fat you stop breathing during your workout! No! Don’t do that! Always breath especially when you’re working and and even more so when you’re anaerobically working out! If you hold your breath you will turn blue in the face until you pass out. In the context of exercise, aerobic, with oxygen, means you’re bodies system of delivering oxygen is capable of keeping up with the demand your working cells are creating for that oxygen. Anaerobic exercise means your working cells are working so hard that the body can no longer keep up with it’s delivery of oxygen to sustain that level of intensity which means you will reach momentary muscular failure typically anywhere within 30 seconds to 3 minutes maximum. And that is a great simple way to determine if you are working out aerobically or anaerobically. That is, is the exercise at the intensity you’re doing right now something you can psychically do for more or less than three minutes before you physically cannot continue without lessening the intensity or taking a break? If you physically cannot continue after say 30 seconds, a minute, a minute and a half, a couple minutes, you’re most likely working anaerobically and burning calories from both blood sugar and fat. If you can physically continue after 3 minutes you are definitely working aerobically, burning calories from blood sugar.

Some examples of aerobic exercises are slower paced ones like jogging, endurance cycling, cross country skiing, dance etc. Some examples of anaerobic exercises are fast paced, maybe more explosive in nature, like sprinting, power cycling, high intensity interval training, lifting heavy weights, jump training, stuff like that.

Some of the health benefits to anaerobically working out include not only weight loss but weight management because of the muscle toning involved in addition to the caloric burn from both blood sugar and fat, lowers blood pressure, reduces daily fatigue, activates and strengthens immune system, reduces risk of heart attack or stroke, strengthens your heart muscle, strengthens your lungs, strengthens all of your bodies delivery systems of nutrients including all your metabolic processes, strengthens the functionality of your pancreas which controls your blood sugar which in turn staves off diabetes and possible amputations, strengthens a healthy endocrine system which regulates the bodies ability to secrete healthy hormone levels, keeps you feeling young, enhances mobility, staves of Alzheimer and dementia, and on and on.

I should also mention anaerobic exercise also has the potential of putting Viagra out of business!

You can YouTube and google research the intensive health benefits all day long from anaerobic exercise it really is amazing if we just learn it and do it.

Speaking of doing it… Here is my note of caution. Two notes really. My first note is to remind you I’m not a doctor, I’m a lay person online giving you general information not specific to anybody. Do your own due diligence, research, take responsibility for your own safety.

My second note of caution is this.. If you’re not already in shape and well conditioned, anaerobic exercise could harm you. It could possibly even kill you with a sudden heart attack or stroke if you’re doing too much too soon. Risk stratification is important and should be done with a health care professional especially if you are older and or have any underlying health conditions.

That doesn’t mean you don’t get started. Only a true quitter will watch this video and conclude that quitting is the way to go. LOSER! Don’t be a loser errr I mean a quitter… Start safely from where you are and grow from there. You can build up to anaerobic condition just simply by doing a little bit each day. The mighty oak tree started as just a wimpy little seedling. Let nature teach you. You can also learn a lot just from paying attention to and really listening to your own body. That requires ego to be checked at the door at all times when you enter your workout headspace. Challenge yourself. That doesn’t mean you take it easy. You challenge yourself from what is appropriate and safe, and as you show up each and every day with that mindset, you will get better and feel stronger over time and that will motivate you to keep going and upping the ante.

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