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Desert Blue Sky

Desert Blue Sky

We almost lost my dad a couple years ago. He only has 1/3rd of his lungs left after many years of smoking. He no longer smokes but the damage to his lungs is irreversible. He is now very vulnerable. For example just one bout of pneumonia or a bad bronchitis flare up could kill him. His immune status is of paramount importance to protect him from such things.

Today I took my dad to a routine doctor visit but the feedback from the doctor was anything but routine. My dads doctor today tells my dad, “You’re doing much better than you have any right to expect. You’re no where near wear I first saw you a year and a half ago. Most people would be dead by now”.

I bought my dad Shakeology a year and a half ago and told him he’s drinking this from now on. I saved my dads life with Shakeology according to his doctor.  He’s also able to walk the treadmill a few minutes at a time now which for a guy with only 1/3rd of his lungs left capable of exchanging gases is an amazing feat. It’s critical for him to work his lungs out to the best of his ability every day to keep the functionality of what’s left of his lungs working optimally.  He’s also pre diabetic.  Shakeology is a meal shake rated at only 24 on the glycemic index and will prevent him from becoming diabetic.  Many who were full blown diabetics have literally reversed their diabetes using Shakeology as an effective tool.

On the opposite side of life saving… In the past 5 or 6 months I’ve known several people to drop dead of a massive heart attack or stroke leaving behind spouses, children, friends, family and other loved ones to grieve.  All of whom had the warning signs and did nothing about it. They were shown Shakeology and that it’s proven to lower those risk factors and decided to either wait for “someday”, which sadly never came for them, or some just giggled about it referring to Shakeology as “one of those silly health shakes”.  Stubbornness can either kill you or save you.  For petes sake develop the wisdom to know the difference if you haven’t already.

I’ve got four messages that’s extremely important to me and for you to share…

1.) I’m NOT promising Shakeology is going to save your life or cure anything:  I’m not undermining any health care professional you might be working with. Fact is I know thousands of people drinking Shakeology and I’m not aware of a single case where those risk factors for heart attack or stroke hasn’t been significantly reduced among many other benefits. Include your doctor and others as part of your over all TEAM in your life to make important decisions and make those decisions CONSCIOUSLY.  In other words… It’s your life so OWN IT.

2.) Fellow Team Beachbody Coaches: The people you are meant to help are one million times more important than your nay sayers. Do not project a negative experience from a negative person onto someone you’re suppose to meet in the future; whos life you will significantly impact and possibly even save. No nay sayer in your life is worth while to keep you from sharing this gift with as many people as you possibly can. You’re doing this for those people and NOT your nay sayers, right? Know where your focus is.  It’s not on your nay sayers it’s on the cooperative and nurturing relationships you will build as you meet new people.

3. Anyone NOT drinking Shakeology and sharing it with friends and family: Try it, Contact me for the coach discounts. Get this today. And get it not just for yourself but also for everyone you love and care about. In other words Don’t be selfish! Point blank the more people who try Shakeology the happier, healthier, and more fulfilled more people will be. And quite honestly the more people will LIVE and treat others with more kindness.

4.) SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE:  Sign up with the Independent Beachbody coach of your choosing. Coaches and non coaches you can share this with everyone. Coaches make sure they know to go to your website and not mine.  You need to communicate with your friends and family this is a “belly to belly” relational business.  Non coaches sign up, use Shakeology in your own life, share it with everyone else around you it’s too important not to.

There are people all around you who will not be around 10 years from now because of how they are health wise. GET INVOLVED IN THEIR LIVES, HELP THEM, AND BE SIGNIFICANT.



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