Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

Is what you’re doing right now lined up with your priorities or someone elses? Are you building your own dreams or someone elses dreams who doesn’t have much planned for you in return?

Are your daily rituals supportive or unsupportive of the promises you made to yourself and to your family?

What are some of your daily rituals you could swap out that aren’t advancing your life for some daily rituals that will advance your life and inevitably crystallize your dreams and the promises you made to yourself and your family into reality?

Those are the questions that YOU should be asking yourself every day. I do and I’m living my dreams. Otherwise the things you said you’d like to achieve is really just a joke of wishful thinking not to be taken seriously by anyone including the entire universe and it’s powers. When you include others in on your dream, tell them about it, and then don’t follow through then it turns into more of a selfish inaction that can potentially devastate others who might be counting on you to follow through with a promise that YOU made to them.  This seems to devastate children more than adults.  Don’t break a promise to a child or anyone for that matter including promises you make to yourself.

No matter how small or big your life is, no matter what you’ve achieved or have not achieved, no matter how rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, spiritually awake or sleeping, no matter how badly you’ve messed up in your past, you’re either growing or rotting by the daily actions you take brought on by whatever it is you believe in.

Are your daily actions positioning time to be on your side to promote you or are your daily actions positioning time to be against you to expose you? Time is non prejudice it doesn’t have a bias which means if you’re not advancing it’s because of YOU.

The passing of time is your most valuable asset because without time there is no way to get the feedback you need to know if you’re daily actions are working. Whatever you’re DOING the passing of time will take care of the rest.

That feedback that can ONLY be found in the passing of time contains all the information you need to validate if what you’re spending your time DOING is conducive to your dreams, your priorities, and your promises or not. Start paying attention to the feedback of time. It’s telling you if what you’re doing is working or not!

FOR EXAMPLE… If you’ve been working X number of years and you’re still broke then time has validated for you that you’re daily actions are not working. It’s also validating that if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing you’ll always have no more than what you’ve already got. What’s that mean if you want something different than what you’ve already got? It means CHANGE COURSE! And ONLY then time will give you new feedback validating your different daily actions one way or the other so that you may make further refinements, which produces new feedback to meet with new refinements, each time moving closer and closer to your dreams and promises. The key to putting time on your side to promote you is to keep going back and forth between learning and doing in what’s known as the  rhythm of learning, one advancing the other between learning and doing, til you are on a path that brings your dreams and promises closer to you.

Keep making refinements with your eye on the ball and it’s inevitable every time WITHOUT EXCEPTION you will get where you want to be. It’s a natural law of the earth it’s always been and always will be that way. Don’t change and nothing changes. Change and something changes. Pay attention to the feedback through the passing of time to know if it was a positive or negative change then re set your aim and fire again for new feedback. Real simple first grade stuff.


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