Never Get Sick Again

You could conceivably never get sick again or be diagnosed with a disease no matter how many years you live.  Your body is perfect health and it wants to keep illness and disease controlled and contained in it’s little corner so that it cannot take over.  All YOU have to do is give your body the raw materials it needs to do what it innately wants to do, that is, keep you healthy!  If you’ve already been diagnosed with something you could even totally reverse it and it doesn’t matter what you call it!  Your body already has all the tools it needs to prevent, arrest, even reverse chronic disease.  It just needs those raw materials so it can do it’s thing!!

Sickness and disease is always waiting, never far away, no matter how healthy you are.  It waits for a vulnerability in your natural defenses so it can sneak in and exploit that vulnerability.

1st grade question for you:  When you drink a soda instead of eating a banana are you enabling sickness or health inside your body?  Exactly!! I don’t even have to give you the answer because you already know!  And if you’re like me you are not even certified to pop a pimple much less a certified “expert” in nutrition.  This is StOOpid Simple!!

It is IMPOSSIBLE for sickness or disease to live inside of a truly healthy body.  And by healthy I’m not talking about how the medical community defines healthy.  Over half of the people the medical community defines as healthy will go on to develop and literally die of 1 or more chronic diseases because they did nothing to correct the underlying problem and possibly increased their patients totally preventable death by telling them they are “healthy” which just makes most people feel more enabled to keep eating the nutrient deficient toxic foods that will eventually kill them.   I wrote another blog about the radically different definitions of what it means to be Healthy.  Check it out:   Two Very Different Views on What Exactly is a Healthy Body

When most people get sick or gain a disease they do absolutely nothing to correct the underlying problem by permanently changing life style.  Instead there Dr prescribes drugs and they get sick again. Most of those people will say, “it just happens it’s part of life etc..”  That’s not true getting sick and diseased is only part of life if you cheat yourself on giving your body the raw materials it needs to stave off sickness and disease.  Short change yourself with nutrition by continuously eating nutrient deficient toxic food and you cannot help but to occupy a nutrient deficient toxic body, period.

Be smart!  Don’t be like the many. In this instance it’s soooooo easy to be smart because most of this stuff we already know!  My first grade question from a few paragraphs above proves we already know so much of this stuff without being an “expert”!  When you do get sick LEARN from the negative feedback that your body is giving you so you may make a new discovery, learn a new skill, and possibly prevent that sickness from ever occurring inside your body again.  Learning is error driven!  Sickness in your body is opportunity to learn just as an error in judgment or prediction is opportunity to learn and grow and become BETTER than you were yesterday at ANYTHING.  But first you have to consciously recognize you got sick because your body is missing some raw materials you didn’t feed it so that it can do it’s thing! Or quite possibly you exposed yourself to some mega toxic breathing air or something you absorbed into your skin which is further cause to give your body the raw materials it needs so it can fight off this stuff every day!

The very presence of a sickness or a disease validates proof positive that sickness was able to exploit a vulnerability in your bodys natural defenses.  Not even the medical community can argue that.  But MOST of them working in the medical community do absolutely nothing to have their patient correct the underlying problem MOST of them in the medical community will give you medical treatment until you get sick again and then more medical treatment and this vicious cycle continues until YOU CHANGE  OR it eventually kills you.  It’s great for business if you don’t change but makes NO SENSE for increasing your health.

I am not a Dr, a nutritionist, I am not certified licensed or boarded to do anything.  I’m not undermining any treatment or advice you might be getting from a qualified health care professional.  I am however advocating that you stop holding anyone else responsible for solving your problems and healing your body.  Do your research and be your own d a m n advocate.  Include your Dr as part of your over all Team but the final decision on what you do is up to YOU.  It’s time to stop being patients and start being people.


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