Two Very Different Views on What Exactly is a Healthy Body

There are two main VERY different definitions of what a Healthy body is.  See which one makes more sense to you.

The medical community defines a healthy body as a body that currently displays no risk factors for heart attack, stroke, or chronic disease.  You’re simply told, “Good job you’re healthy see you for your next regular check up”.  And well over half of those supposedly healthy people will go on to develop at least one chronic disease.  Many of them two or more chronic diseases. And many of those will drop dead of a massive sudden heart attack or stroke as their first warning sign that something is wrong in which case will be too late to fix the underlying problem.

Naturalists, as well as my personal beliefs, define a healthy body as a body that is activated and reactivated to enable the bodys own healing mechanisms to keep all disease and sickness at bay and it doesn’t matter what you call the disease if the body is truly healthy then disease cannot invade the body.  If something invades the body its because the invader  was enabled to exploit a vulnerability in the bodys natural defenses because the vulnerability exists in the first place.

Instead of only treating the symptom its our responsibility to fix the underlying problem and REACTIVATE the bodys own healing mechanisms to fix the problem.

In the medical community healthy people are taken over by chronic disease, heart attack, and stroke every day because they do not enable the body to heal itself instead they only treat the disease or the sickness. I believe if the medical community redefined what it is to be healthy then they’d have more power to help people change their life style and become truly healthy people with fully equipped healing mechanisms inside. All of the equipment needed is already there in the body! So Flippin Activate it already!!

If we just accept disease as fate or genetics then it makes us easy to just cry victim powerless over our own lives to reclaim our own health.  The body innately wants to heal itself.  There is a real under estimated MAGIC to that innate desire the body has!  We just have to give the body the tools it needs to do so.   That’s where nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and over all life style come into play.

Either health or sickness will win and take over your body.  The one better nourished wins.  If health wins you win. If sickness and disease wins you lose.  If the body asks for organic whole foods and you give it a diet coke you sabotage your own self interest by nourishing sickness over health. Nourish Health so it can do its thing for you and give you a MASSIVE wonderfully abundant healthy life.

Yes toxic food is generally cheaper than healthy food. Your body doesn’t care!  Health doesn’t comprehend money. But you do! Health is the BEST wealth.  Some of you out there are making money decisions at the expense of your health saving your wealth to buy the deficient toxic foods. And then you don’t have any wealth either so that plan is not working out to well! People who think this way are generally poor in almost every area imaginable especially in wealth and health.  I know its not out of laziness some people are running HARD chasing sunsets but they’re running east!  Maybe a good plan is all that’s needed so all that energy is refocused in a way that’s more in line with what they want?

Shift your beliefs and you can have it all.  Wealth, Health, Success and Fulfillment.

Use my Healthy Grocery list and the Healthiest Meal of the Day to help you get started in activating and reactivating your body to enable its own natural healing mechanisms.


P.S. I am not here to undermined any advice, care, or treatment you are getting from your doctor or other health care professionals. I’m preaching personal responsibility for you to do your own research, include your doctor as part of your team, and make your own decisions as your own personal advocate for the things you want.

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