Run and Pushups Workout 5 rounds

Looking for a good workout? I’ll put this one on video to follow along with when the weather gets nice again. I did this on the treadmill yesterday and it was AWESOME. 5 rounds as fast as you can and record your time. I did this in 13 minutes on the dot. The running portions I did at 11.1 mph / 5:24 minute mile pace.

The workout after a light warmup:

.5 miles followed by 10 strict form pushups
.4 miles followed by 15 strict form pushups
.3 miles followed by 20 strict form pushups
.2 miles followed by 25 strict form pushups
.1 miles followed by 30 strict form pushups

Simple format. As the distance decreases the pushups increase respectfully. No rests except for the ones you have to take but keep them to a minimum. Pace yourself but challenge yourself. The goal is to complete this as quickly as possible. Each time you do this your new goal is to compete with yourself for a new personal best time. Subscribe to my youtube channel I have tons of workouts I’ve recorded there along with healthy recipes and lots of music <3


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