At First it was Just For Personal Weight Loss..

I am so flippin’ excited, I have to share. When I started on this Beachbody journey, it was for personal weight loss. Tom Birkenmeyer, do you remember me calling you from a store parking lot IN TEARS, because I had to lose weight NOW!!!??? I saw an outfit that was clearanced from $250.00 down to $32.00 and I couldn’t fit into it. I was devastated! Fast forward to this morning (11 months into my journey)….I just picked up 2 brand new pairs of jeans and a skirt (all on clearance 🙂 ) in a size that I haven’t worn since 1982!!!!!! That business suit that I wanted that day….WOULD BE TOO FLIPPIN’ BIG ON ME NOW!!!! I am beyond STOKED right now and practically in tears as I type this. Tom, thank you so much for sticking with me. I am so thankful for you and Beachbody!

I was in a size 18 when I started this. I just got my rear end into size 10 pants. I literally haven’t worn a size 10 since before my daughter was born. She was born in July of 1983. Crazy motivated right now!!!!!

Belinda Nadeau

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