Shakeologys Impact On Menopause and Womens Cycles

“Tom, a good report this month I had gotten my period and no bloating or pain. I have suffered with so much pain and I wished someone would shoot me and get my suffering over with. I feel fine I can’t believe it……Thanks to you and shakeology yay!! I feel brighter and emotionally stronger…this shakeology is really lifting my depression or helping me rise above the storm in my life” – Teri

“I sleep like I am dead! I used to wake up about every 2-3 hours every single night but not now ever. It (Shakeology) has also completely eliminated all estrogen replacements meds for me! HaPpY DaNcE!!!” -By the way – this happy person is drinking Shakeology and working out most days of the week with Slim in 6.

“I just had to share this… my mom has been drinking Shakeology for two weeks… She is also going through early menopause… Since she started drinking it she has had no night sweats, is able to sleep through the night (which she hasn’t done in years without sleeping medication), and her personal trainer, who she has had for months, keeps asking her what she’s doing to lose weight!! I’m so happy for her!!” -Jennifer M

After a few weeks of drinking Shakeology, I noticed that all of my menopause symptoms went away….no hot flashes, no major mood swings — nothing!! That, ALONE, was good enough reason to continue drinking Shakeology!!! (yikes!) …what also made me continue was the increase in energy, weight loss, reduced cravings & poor blood test results move into normal ranges in just 2 months!! Shakeology just really helps to heal the body!!” -Joyce Wingate Boyden

People have asked just WHY I drink Shakeology? Well, some of the main things I noticed was that my hot flashes are GONE! So are the mood swings that used to come with my cycle. Having those symptoms GONE is more than worth the price!! But it also gives me the steady energy I love every day- without peaks/crashes. I feel better, stronger, healthier. You really can’t BUY that- but you CAN buy Shakeology! –Angela Gee Bray

“I think Shakeology does greatly reduce menopausal symptoms.” –Lora C.

“It’s only been a month but I hardly cramped this month!” – Denise F.

– Tom

Try Shakeology.  If you don’t feel significantly better in 30 days I want you to get all of your money back including free shipping so you have no risk if it doesn’t work out for you.

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