One of the Coolest Letters I’ve ever gotten by Tina Wedlock

Hey, Tom 🙂

Just a note to tell u this:
It is ALLL YOUR fault !

yep,sure enough, it is !

Every pound I lost,
Every time I went for a walk when i really didn’t want to,
Every time I pushed myself to walk around the house when it was nasty outside,
Every time I pushed myself to move away from the computer and do SOMETHING physical,
Every time I walked around Wal-mart and did so for more than an hour
Every time I went to a buffet-style restaurant and made better choices
Every time I ate smaller meals
Every time I stopped when i was satisfied
Every time I tried on an outfit that I KNEW was too small for me (and it actually fit !!)
Every time i forced myself to clean house or to do something I really didn’t want to do
Every meal I ate,that I ate more veggies than meat/pasta.
Every time I stepped on the scale,weighed myself and saw for my own eyes, that the weight was going away,
Every time I felt my body and actually felt the weight gone.
Every time my hubby looked at me and asked if I was losing weight,
Every time my neighbors made notice that I was losing weight because my clothes were too big,
Every time I tried on my “fat” clothes and had to take in the elastic waistband,
Every time I tried on a shirt and it was looser than before.

it really Is all YOUR FAULT !
yep,and you should be proud of yourself,too,Tom,for doing so.
Why ?
Because no one else has ever gave me the incentive to make me wanna lose weight,until meeting you and your challenge.

I am now at 219. i have not “seen” 219 since i got married,and that was over 15 years ago.

Thank you,Tom,for giving me the gift of life,and for giving me the hope and courage I needed to make that change myself.


i hope this finds you happy and well,
your friend,


Madonna Rain

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