The Diamond You Are Meant to Become

Calm Carribbean background SidestretchWhen you subject certain chemicals to intense heat, the chemicals will crystallize and form a completely new substance, a new composition in which the crystallization process is irreversible.

A lump of coal, for example, becomes a diamond under intense prolonged heat and pressure.

In the same way, you become a person of great strength by persevering in the crucible of intense difficulty until you finally succeed.

Each time you force yourself to persevere, rather than giving up, your character “crystallizes” at a new, higher level. Eventually, you reach the point where you become unstoppable…

… but no one starts out as a diamond.

Not every lump of coal will become a diamond. Some people quit before they succeed.

EVERYTHING is just feedback. The mistakes, the setbacks, the victories and the failures. If it’s all just feedback then EVERY experience is a stepping stone toward success.

Your DRIVING PHILOSOPHIES determines if your experiences are stepping stones toward success or rationale to quit and meet your end.

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