Tips To Get Motivated

Calm Carribbean background SidestretchKnowing what to do is the first step.  If you don’t know what to do you need to learn.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting busy without any direction or results.  You  must be confident in knowing that the means of getting from the body you have now to the body you want is going to work.  That alone is motivating but it may not be enough.  Sometimes there is a gap between knowing what to do and then doing it.

Taking the focus off of yourself and on someone else is motivating.  Encouraging others to succeed will give you a boost especially if they reciprocate.  Helping others is a powerful human desire that makes us feel good about ourselves and should be harnessed for our own motivation.

You may just be beginning a fitness program in my team and have not experienced any results first hand yet.  Observe and absorb the many documented stories of proof that what you are doing does indeed work.  You can build your belief on that for endless sources of motivation.  There are literally thousands of videos, stories, and other forms of documentation that proves what you are doing is working.  Just ask me about it!  I can shower you with so many powerful inspirational success stories you won’t believe it.

You must know that you are not alone.  No one wants to be isolated.  In the context of self doubt, health and fitness you are NOT alone.  Everyone has been there at one time or another and their are ALWAYS going to be people who are just starting out just like you.  Some people will loathe in self doubt and let it consume then, others will reach out to people who make them feel good for help and then do wondrous things and transform into a pillar of inspiration themselves for others who are where they once were, looking for help in their own transformations.  It’s a cycle that keeps on giving and transforming lives.  To be part of a TEAM of people who stand each other up to succeed TOGETHER is very motivating if you allow it to be.  The energy and pure excitement you find in my Teams online Virtual Gym, the Club, the Interactive message forums and other mediums is world class and allows more support and closer connections to other like minded people.  Many, MANY life long friendships and sources of accountabilities have been founded in these interactions.  If you are looking for more motivation this will launch you to new motivation.

Your legacy can and must be used as a source of motivation.  When you embrace the simple fact that everything you do and say (negative or positive) has an impact on others FOREVER, your motivation to succeed will go through the roof!  Step up! Take hold of your life!  YOU have the power to create PERSONAL AND GENERATIONAL HEALTH!

– Tom

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