What is the Value of a Beautiful Body?

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I Feel Like $31,000,000+ and I Want You To Feel That Good To

To begin with your self esteem will increase drastically.  When you transform your body from where you are now to the body you have always wanted your self esteem will go through the roof.  You will probably want to re acquaint yourself in the mirror.  The feeling you get when you look in the mirror, loving the way you look, is powerful.  It is nearly impossible to have low self esteem when you re acquaint yourself with your newly transformed body and self image. If I were to place monetary value on the worth of high self esteem then high self esteem = $1,000,000.

High self esteem leads to high self confidence.  If I were to place monetary value on high self confidence then high self confidence = $5,000,000.

Opportunities come knocking!  There is a saying, “Success is something you attract by the person you become”.  When you’re in great physical and mental shape, when you have high self esteem and  you have high self confidence you begin to attract opportunities that other less confident people just don’t get.  This kind of confidence emotes from you and resonates with anyone you come into contact with.  Have you ever tried to go out looking for opportunities?  It’s like chasing butterflies you come so close but you just can’t quite catch them.     If I were to place monetary value on opportunities knocking on your door vs. trying to look for those opportunities without developing yourself first then opportunity knocking on your door = $10,000,000.


Who you have become, your self development, is a result of learning and doing.  You are creating a legacy.  It is a legacy because what you do, both positive and negative, will affect other people you come in contact with.  If you become a self employed business owner (within my team or elsewhere) then in monetary value this legacy you create could be worth $15,000,000 at a minimum because you have the tenacity to pursue your dreams and pass down high self esteem and high self confidence to others you mentor.

If I were to add up the monetary value of having a great body, high self esteem, high self confidence and the tenacity to pursue your dreams then your total monetary net worth = $31,000,000+

– Tom

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