“A” Students who Work for “D” Students

Valedictorians and other straight A students TYPICALLY end up working for D, C, and drop out students and others who were “wrong”..LoL

If I gambled I would “bet the farm” there are going to be people who read this and tell themselves, “thats why I cant be financially free I’m too smart I got good grades in school” LoL

We will find rationale to talk ourselves into or out of anything we want.

Our circumstances don’t matter.

There is always someone out there who had it worse than you who went on to figure it out.

It’s an Inside job.

The problem and solution is within your head.

Mine too!

Sometimes it’s hard living in my head and would be nice to be able to take breaks from myself..LoL

But that’s not going to happen except maybe in different meditative work.

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follow your heart

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