Why I Believe Most of my Friends are Female

Please tell me if you have a different idea..

I believe most of my friends are female because I became an entrepreneur when I signed up for the Beachbody home business opportunity.

Women are taking over the world.

Guys have no guts no testicles anymore when it comes to taking chances and owning their life.

Women are stepping up and doing that.

Guys are typically pissed off at my existence they feel extremely threatened and jealous.

They are so damn insecure over nothing.

Most women have bigger balls than most guys.

Most guys are looking for a second mom in a girlfriend to take care of them.

Most women are becoming more interested in firing their boss and owning their own income and their own life.

Most women are interested in becoming truly independent and free.

Most men are more interested in having a company take care of them and a woman to take care of them like a baby.

I’ve noticed this pattern for about the last 10 years now so it’s nothing new but it goes to the heart as to why I believe almost all of my friends are female and most guys feel threatened at my existence which is completely stupid on their part.

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