A worthwhile relationship is a place of peace

It’s not stress or being oppressed as if you are human property.
It’s acceptance, understanding, a celebration of differences as well as similarities.
It’s supportive of growth.
It’s a chemistry with a best friend with whom you cannot keep your hands off of each other.
It’s a safe place of peace and love.
It’s a merman with long hair in a union with a goddess mermaid. Where on Earth is she?!?


Bonnie BonsaiAll correct! Love is unconditional and people forget that.

Shannon LyonsPerfect Im amazed at how uou have grown, can you feel your mom grinning?

Tom BirkenmeyerShannon Lyons the one who passed away? She smiles at me every day.

Maria Angelita RosalezVery well written

Jodi Paigei dunno but if you’re brave enuf to do that dating app stuff this is a great profile pic and opening statement, well, i wud edit it slightly for you


Tom BirkenmeyerJodi Paige thank you ❤

Jodi Paigeyah Tomkeep me posted


Wendy RaaschYou deserve love

Pamela WeberMaybe she’s not in Wisconsin. Time to travel a bit more??

Tom BirkenmeyerPamela Weber In my traveling observations people are people no matter where I go but hey I keep my heartspace open

Deanna Pabich…life is a great ride enjoy the twists, turns and curves for they add to your ? heartbeat

Tom BirkenmeyerDeanna Pabich That’s an interestingly attractive way to frame it!

Tom BirkenmeyerI think I’m going to add this to my blog site. I really like how it represents me. Going to add the one about what a New Year’s kiss means to me as well. Before you know it I’m going to have a collection of these sappy romanticized pieces.

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Sherri SentieriLove this. Love that Picture of you Tom you look good. Must be all those green drinks you share on fb

Jessie SamolykJeez, this is precisely how I feel.

Theresa Cesari-AndersonAwwe

Jacqueline Yvonnehttps://youtu.be/rs8DiJaLhlYI loved this movie!!

Ondine HD Trailer Starring Colin Farrell

YOUTUBE.COMOndine HD Trailer Starring Colin FarrellOndine HD Trailer Starring Colin Farrell

Crystal WeimeAgreed… A worthwhile union is one you don’t have to chase or change yourself for… And couldn’t agree more as far as it being a place of peace

Tom BirkenmeyerCrystal Weime I totally agree with you too. I hate the concept of chasing or being chased.

Asta LeveneDon’t worry about butterfly… mend your garden… butterfly will come… ?… when it’s a time… ?✨?

Tom BirkenmeyerAsta Levene I’ve got quite the figurative garden over here. It’s amazing really.

Nicole BavlnkaI agree ? with what you wrote.many are broken from life healing wounds.i myself am healing because I want love. I want exactly what you wrote, my fear is am I good enough? As crazy as that sounds it’s a fear I’m addressing with professional help.

Angel BievereGoddess mermaid, perfect description!

Jo LovettI totally agree

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