It’s the Connection I crave

When I say I ache for that make out kiss at the stroke of midnight New Years Eve it’s the connection I’m aching for because that’s what makes a kiss really great anyway.

It could be any day of the year. NYE is just another date on the calendar.

I could have cared less about finding someone for a solid dozen years.

These days I have put intention out into the universe..

Merman in active search of goddess mermaid for a natural, organic, deep emotional connection to share and co-create endless beautiful experiences with while we are still here on planet earth.

I have my deep passions such as dance, music, and nature.

I feel I’m overdue for a true best friend with whom we cannot keep our hands off each other. A natural unforced connection. Laughter, odd humor, critical thinking, multifaceted personalities, emotionally connected, sexually stimulating..

I’d rather be single than to settle for less. So I am single. But, I’m going to give this intention my best effort because it’s not just about me. It’s also about her, whoever this mystery goddess is.

I feel like when her and I finally find each other we are both going to feel rescued in a way.


AnnMarie Calandra BresciaHappy New Year ! May It Be Happy Healthy Magickal And Bright ! Wishing U All Ur Dreamz Come True ! Blessings… ?

JaCe Mc NultyI mean I think we had a moment many yrs ago Mr dear Sir happy new yr love

Sian LindemannBlessings on your wish

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Linda EngelmannI dream that for you kiddo ?❤

Jax X X Smolaz

Marykay Sieber

Cyndi YoungI would suggest writing all that you would like in a partner, lots of details, and then setting it aside. Later, after you’ve found one another, you can look and see how you’ve perfectly manifested the woman of your dreams. Worked for me! Good luck to you and Happy New Year, my friend!?

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Beth GilletteCyndi Young & Tom Birkenmeyer our marvelous friend, Jodi Paige , did the same thing as Cyndi here. She wrote out a list of attributes she felt she most desired… and she found him and married him a short time later. Just be very clear on what you desire… and why. I confess, I have never actually done this myself, written it out. I held certain values in my heart and somehow trusted and enjoyed following where the wind blew me. I felt the Universe was on my side and I didn’t personally want to limit myself to just what I thought I knew. I guess I wanted it to surprise me. And it has! Tom, I hope it surprises you in a wonderful way this year. It seems you’re doing the right stuff, just doing your thing and enjoying life. That’s how love always surprises me – when I least expected it.As they say, “just be ready for what you ask for!”

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Jodi PaigeActually BethI met John in our theatre staff positions*{mutual shared passion}*


and wrote out the Expectation List after they asked me Why I was willing to spend this kind of time with a 23 yr old (i was 36)i asked him if he were simply curious or felt it was his job to talk me out of it. he said Curious so i wrote out my check list with little stage mgmt boxes in front and then realized it really describes him. Shared passions and interests are KEY(dance lessons good, tavern with open mics and live music = good…Opposites attract ~ for a while Shared goals dreams visions values hobbies; vital

Sophia MayaAnd Love ❤️ is on her way

Zoila Kay AndinoHappy new years blessings always

Jani Thorunn LarssonHappy New Year!

TenderSurrender Michelle


Patty SalvackVery well written! Happy New Year Tom.

Karen Rocke StickneyI hope you Find that dream and special kiss.

Tom BirkenmeyerSee, look at that? I’m more emotionally connected and self-expressive than, “show me your boobs” or “hey what’s up” which represents most of the guys on Facebook! LoL for all I know my unknown mystery goddess will come across this and be impressed I rise to the level of literacy on social media.

Marlowe LeeTom Birkenmeyer i met my husband on FB and he moved all the way from America to Australia. We have been married for 10 years

Brittany AdamavichI love this

Cindy McNeilly KuzielaAwww. That melted my heart.

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Wendy MatchenNo words.

Susan SimmermonHere’s to another year around the sun and may your mermaid goddess appear this time ❤️

Debra LuceWhat you want us what we all want.It’s so elusive and I wonder if I’ll ever find him… x

Nicole LacinaYou will find her!

Carol J NotarSo beautifully said…hoping that for myself as well! Happy New Year!!’

Andrea NobleGood luck!

Alicia Marie

Meg SkrypkunI like this Thoreau quote, but note, even though I realize you aren’t “chasing” anything, I think this is still fairly applicable to how you are going about what you have put out into the universe…Happy New Year !!!!!

May be an image of text that says 'Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder... -Thau'

Kimberly MillerVery well said! I truly hope you find her, Tom. You’re a good man. Happy New Year!

Jaitara JaydeHolding this vision for you ???☺️

Ann ElizabethI feel the same way as you about this…you will find each other. ???

Lori LaGrowI had a soulmate who passed so I am grateful I got to experience it but I know there is another person who is out there…..don’t settle for less! I agree it’s better to be single than in a bad relationship.

Ileana Hope MerrittOh Tom you are loved and adored for the beautiful soul you are… just keep loving yourself and you will be the magnet your already doing it… she is on her way ?

May be an image of text

Glenda Jean Sherrod Deaton

Teri GambleThat’s beautiful!

Angela Loggins

Kathy Meyer KomaterWell Tom I truly hope this happens for you soon because you deserve much love & happiness. I’m sending you a couple videos I hope might help. I’m also going to pray for this to happen. We live on a free will planet so if you don’t believe in God it’s ok. When she does show up please let me know. It’s very important for me to say thank you prayers when my prayers are answered.

The Most Effective Way To Manifest Love. Period.

YOUTUBE.COMThe Most Effective Way To Manifest Love. Period.The Most Effective Way To Manifest Love. Period.

Itatiaia XiaKathy Meyer Komater ohhhh I just found out about him…I think he is Amazing with an incredible story! Thank you for sharing this video! I am sure it will be valuable. I will watch it too ?

Kathy Meyer KomaterItatiaia Xia you’re very welcome sweetie. I haven’t yet met Tom in person but I hope to some day. He is a very unique person. Unlike anyone I’ve ever known. We’ve had many conversations. He is very kind smart & talented. If I was younger & looking for romance I would totally fall for him. I consider him to be part of my soul family. I truly hope some day a really nice lady crosses his path & will give him the love he truly deserves. I’m going to keep praying for that to happen. Several months ago I was in a depressed state & made a post. Tom reached out to me. That was the moment I knew how truly special he is. He was just checking to see if I was ok. & Yeah people are very busy living their lives. But that was the moment that touched me deeply. That’s when I knew this guy is extra special.

Ileana Hope MerrittKathy Meyer Komater he’s awesome

Janet Schabow StearnsShe is out there! And you will know when you meet her or soon after!!

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Stacy Lundstrom


Maryam LorenaI’ve been there, trapped in that place where we want to make things work so bad that we start twisting ourselves into a version of ourselves that doesn’t feel real or honest or even comfortable. A version that requires us to put on an act, to perform just so we can hold on to someone we desperately don’t want to lose.Sometimes the changes start small. We think we’re compromising and learning to work together, because those are behaviors we’ve been taught we need to master in healthy relationships. But then the changes get bigger and more drastic, and we realize that compromising only works when both people are invested and willing to give and take.Otherwise, we’re just putting ourselves last. We’re saying that who we are and what we need matters less. That we matter less.And honestly, once we get to that place, a place where we’ve lost basic respect and care for ourselves, the relationship is over. Even if we stay together. Don’t ever abandon yourself dear one.

Crystal WeimeVery nice picture ?Well stated and crossing my fingers it happens for you

Lisa Leanne

Lisa Moore


Angel BievereWell Tom , I’m a mermaid that lives next to the ocean and I’ll welcome a merman any day! Lol????‍♂️?‍♀️Been looking for a watery sensitive sign!!We shall live on sushi !! Lol

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Becky or Facebook dating



Margo NymanI am in my longest relationship of my life and I met him at 42. 5 years going strong over here. Your person is out there Tom Birkenmeyer

Christine HuffAnd so you will find this person. The universe can answer what would seem like infinite possibilities.

Tom BirkenmeyerFacebook is a place where quality of communication goes to die. This Thread has a lot of quality communication. Thanks everyone.

Angel BievereTom Birkenmeyer that’s strange Tom I have the same kind of stars hanging outside my door!! and that door faces the ocean LMAO

No photo description available.
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Patty SalvackIt looks like you have nutured alot of quality friendships!

Pandora JoyHeartfelt and beautifully said………..❤?✨

Carrie WennstromYou are a good hearted person…they will find you at the right time❣️

Tom BirkenmeyerI’m actually going to add this post along with the entire thread of comments to my blog site just because the comments are so cool and thoughtful. I’ll do that and probably the next few days or so because I’m sure there are going to be more great comments coming up soon

Ileana Hope MerrittRemember this Tom … not just bang but she will be your all

May be an image of text that says 'If you're feeling down, just know that there's someone via @DifferentShadesBlue out there who's new years resolution is is to bang you.'

Lin LadySeleneI hope you find her soon!

Misty Dawn

Dawn MillerSending love ?

Carie WalkerGlad to see you on here. How’ve things been? I moved to a house w my service animals. I hope you find a very, special person. ? sending happy vibesReply

Nivea HenriquesHello handsome!!!?Reply

Nancy Waldropbe blessedReply

Kelly RiddleI love your authenticity. Putting positive vibes in your direction!Reply

Billie ThompsonSending love ❤️ you are so hot Tom sure girls are fighting over youReply

Janet J. HirthMay 2023 be the year you find your soulmate. She’s out there! You’ll find her when you least expect it! Don’t give up and good for you knowing just what you want! *Hugs*Reply

Jennifer Ream


Top fanMalachi GutierrezYeah I’m with ya in that one brother. I’m waiting for my queen as well. I hope she comes to her senses soon!Reply

Nat E LeValleyI’ve been here the whole timeReply

Carol J Tate LasasGood luck!! I hope you find her!!Reply

Top fanMichelle Kinch

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Stacy HirshHello! how have you been?Reply

Angel BievereThis mermaid lives next to an ocean waiting for a Merman!!Reply

Lauri BingamanBeautiful, that type of love is definitely worth waiting for, ?✨✨✨✨✨Reply

Theresa Cesari-AndersonLove this!❤️Reply

Top fanDenise BooteYou’ll find her! You’re a beautiful soul and deserve an amazing woman!Reply

Brenda Kingston-Geller


Vera KnightSo beautiful. Your energy is calling her to you. She is on the move. Happy New Year!Reply

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