Create Your Freedom on the Backs of SLAVES or Create Your Freedom TOGETHER WITH THEM

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There are a few people in your life who are getting extremely filthy stinking rich off of the back of you.

People you’ve never met and probably never will meet.

These people could be at the very top of the company you work for.

They could be your bosses bosses bosses boss.

So your boss and your bosses boss are part of the same sick pyramid scam, right?

Here is what’s happening at the very top there is one or two people or a small group of people making the bulk of the money at the company you work for while everyone else gets screwed.

Just like a pyramid scam.

Every job bar none is a pyramid scam in the context of how you’re being compensated is a pyramid scam.

So these people at the very top are probably making a passive income.

Passive income is the kind of income that keeps paying you even if you don’t work or show up it keeps coming in anyway thats why its passive.

Its freedom.

Thats what creates freedom so you can do what you want with your time.

So in this set of circumstances it goes up this pyramid scheme this ladder thing in the shape of a triangle, there is a few people at the top who earn this beautiful wonderful income filthy rich they can do what they want with their time take their yacht out for the weekend all on the backs and the effort and energy of YOU while YOU have to keep showing up every day because you have no passive income.

They make the passive income and you have to keep showing up every day for the proverbial hamster wheel paycheck working hard going nowhere and if you get off that hamster wheel of working hard going nowhere that income stops and you are no longer covered to eat or pay your bills or take care of your family or to do anything.

That doent sound right to me! It is what it is.

Thats the nature of the beast of depending on a job for your livelihood.

Now here is a BETTER way of making residual way of making passive income.

Far superior to this inferior way of doing it.

I make passive and residual money.

In fact im not interested in making any other kind of money.

I dont have a job and Im not self employed the way most people are self employed because most self employed people have no residual or passive money and are even bigger slaves shackled to the dollar than people with a job which is hysterical because the primary motivation the self employed have for being self employed is for freedom and they have less of it than people with a job because they know nothing about passive and residual money.

So here is what I do and what very few people know about and actually do to create passive and residual money.

These are the TRUE RICH people in my personal opinion.

What we do is we build our passive and residual money on the Backs of and the hopes of and the dreams of and the efforts of other people building their own passive money, their own passive and residual money for their dreams and their hopes and their goals and their obstacles and their family and everything else.

So for the context of this conversation here what I’m showing you guys is that you can make..

First their is no freedom with out passive and residual income and freedom of the mind precedes all other freedoms.

If you have freedom of the mind you can learn about passive and residual money and become a free human being with freedom of your time, financial freedom, and all those other wonderful freedoms.

There are two ways you can build passive and residual money.

The first way is the way I described earlier.

You can do it on the backs and efforts of people who have to show up every day for a paycheck.

You can make passive money that way there are a lot of people doing it.

I don’t agree with it but thats how business as usual, traditional business is run.

You can make passive and residual money on the backs of other people who are Shackled to the dollar and that’s what thrives your passive money.

Or you can do the far better and superior thing and make your passive and residual money on the backs and efforts and hopes and dreams of other people who are building their own passive money.

The ones that are unshackling themselves from the dollar because they hate it so much and the limitations it gives them and their families.

Which way would you like to get your freedom?

You already want to be free.

There is nobody that says I dont want to be free.

There is nobody who says I dont want to be financially covered in case god forbid an emergency happens or I might want to take a vacation with my family or take some personal time or maybe I wanna do some interesting project because its interesting to me but it pays nothing but I can’t because I have to keep showing up at my job because I have to make sure Im covered so I can eat and pay my bills and take care of my family.

Nobody says they don’t want those things everybody wants to be a free human being.

So now that we have that established you HAVE TO build passive and residual income.

Self employment is not going to get you there. Ask most self employed people.

They have less freedom than you do with a job. You have to make passive and residual money.

You have to decide the kind of person you want to be thats creating that passive and residual money.

Do you want to make passive and residual money on the backs of other people that have to remain shackled to the dollar?

Or do you want to create your passive money on the backs and efforts of people that are also making their own passive money for their own dreams?

So you’re doing it together in a team environment, right?

Thats more beautiful.

Its organic. Its a reflection of how nature works.

Its wonderful.

I have no doubt I just threw you a soft ball down the middle.

The latter sounds cool!

Ya know, the only place that is really possible for all of us to do?

This is going to blow your mind.

It’s called MLM Multi Level Marketing Network Marketing.

Most people doing MLM treat people terribly.

They act like scum.

Even otherwise great people suddenly do this and these otherwise great people become these unrecognizable weird creatures you don’t even recognize anymore.

Thats not how its suppose to be.

Unfortunately most people will continue to be that way because thats just how most people are.

There are some of us, the ones who actually create the most success, there are some of us that treat people like free thinking human beings.

If you’re not interested its cool you’re not weird im not weird.

Ya know what it looks like when I share my deal with somebody?

It’s like this…

Here is the information..

If you have a sincere interest if it speaks to you well talk about it we can have a conversation.

If its not your thing it is no big deal.

There is more than enough for everyone I’m not worried.

Truly, that’s how I am.

Ask somebody in network marketing MLM what the price is of their thing.

And that is usually the most awesome question you can ask just to find out who is going to be weird and maybe a lil bit scummy about it and who is not.

When somebody asks me I can see its this much.

Or maybe sometimes depending on what we are talking about I can say its going to be between this much and that much depending on what your goals are.

Tell me what your goals are and I will give you an exact quote so you know what to budget for.

And people are like, yeah ok thats rational thinking that’s cool.

And at the end of the day if you’re sincerely not interested no problem there is more than enough for everybody its no big deal. T

hat’s how it is.

So as a result of that a lot of people end up enrolling with me.

I found that’s how you create real success in an MLM which is the ONLY thing thats really available to you and me and all of us no matter how broke we are, what we start with, Im not broke anymore because I’ve been doing this for 9 years but you can be totally broke you can be over a million dollars in debt you can have absolutely no free time and you can get started in something like this to create your FREEDOM with passive and residual money because we’ve established that is the only way you’re going to get freedom.

Freedom of the mind precedes, ok I need to get passive and residual money.

Then you have to decide the kind of person you want to be.

Do you want to build your passive residual money on the backs and efforts of other people who need to be shackled to the dollar?

Or do you want to build your passive money on the backs and efforts of other people who are building their own passive and residual money, too, as a team?

That’s MLM!

That is exactly multi level marketing network marketing.

The only reason somebody could have for not being a fan of MLM because a lot of people arent, the only reason that exists because most people in it act like sht.

Most people in life act like sht.

So really this is a reflection of true real life is MLM network marketing.

But that is the only reason it does not sit well with a lot of people that hear about it.

So the only possible reason that somebody would have for not wanting to get into an MLM is they don’t understand it.

They think it’s something you have to get into thats a pyramid scheme.

You have to be weird and pressure people and you have to give up being yourself, you have to have the right personality and all these things and Iv’e found all of that is just the opposite of what is true.

Instead of not being yourself i’ve found more success when I am myself.

Instead of pushing people I have more success when Im attracting people.

Instead of worrying about not enrolling somebody I have more success when I let people go and im like there is more than enough for everyone it is all good.

So its the opposite of what most people think about it and when you come to understand what MLM really is you are going to be the BIGGEST friggen fan of it because its going to be the thing that lets you be yourself.

ITs going to be the thing that forces you to develop yourself personally, personal growth and development.

And its going to be the thing where you get to create freedom for yourself by helping other people create freedom for themselves INSTEAD OF creating freedom for yourself on the backs of other people who are shackled by the dollar.

I’m IN LOVE with that.

And if you understand it I know that you would be as well I have no doubt about it.

So, if you want to find out what I do, practicing what Im preaching, connect with me privately. I’ll share the info with you.

You can ask me about the price.

You can ask me whatever you want and it’s not going to be weird and at the end of the day if you don’t have a sincere interest you don’t have to do it.

I hope you find something that works for you because there is more than enough for everybody to go around, their truly is.

And if you do have a sincere interest in what im doing then well have a conversation and if you want to do this we will DO IT.

I’m a very highly motivated passionate driven human being and I’ve been consistently doing this for 9 years so far so I’m a rock.

You can depend on me.

That is if you’re showing up and you’re the kind of person that does what you say you’re going to do then you can depend on me.

That’s all I’ve got for you!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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