All FOOD is Healthy..

vegan dishThe problem is that 90% of the Super Market is Pro PhRMA Garbage cleverly disguised as “Food” and an abundance of Suckers Cleverly disguised as Free Thinking People who Need Reminding They Can Be Free Thinking People Again if they want to..

Conscious Free Thinking People have nothing to worry about because we are Happy to pay more up front for REAL food and save More In fewer Health Care Related costs that pays for the extra cost in real food with extra spending cash in our pockets =)

It’s A balance sheet!

Pay Less for fake “food” now Under a Foolish illusion you’re saving money…


Pay more for Real Food now that will be Paid for in a handsome Surplus on fewer health care related costs.

One of the two paths certainly has you FEELING Better every day and equips you to not be so broke at the same time AND the ENERGY you need for your Ambitions =)

It’s EXPENSIVE buying Cheap “Food” and it’s not even food. But it was sold to you fraudulently as “food” and you bought it as “food”.

PhRMA is happy to have you as a life long paying customer. They’ll thank you by taking your life savings from you and robbing you of your Authenticity by Biologically Manipulating your brain under another false illusion that you’re still Freely Thinking for Yourself .

The problem with buying cheap “food” is that it’s Completely Stupid and Makes you a Sucker for PhRMA who are happy to leave you broke, sick, poor, manipulated, and diseased while they Manage Everything and Cure Nothing.

Still wanna buy the expensive “Cheap food”?

This is not meant to insult you.

My purpose for writing this is to Remind you that you can reclaim your brain from PhRMA and become an independent FREE Thinking Human Being again if you want to.

All of us need reminding from time to time including me and including you.

At some point some of us still have our egos that get in the way and takes insult or offense.

Ego says how Dare you criticize my foolishness. Humility says let’s see what I can do to get better and become more human. Ego says I can’t afford better food I’m broke and I have kids to feed. Humility says how can I BECOME a better provider for my family.

Ego and pride kills while Humility and vulnerability Creates Power.

Check out my Healthy Grocery List I poured myself into and cherry pick anything from it that’s of help for you.

– Tom

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