Almost Homeless to Buying Houses For Others to Live In – Could You Learn Something?

DSC04380How did I go from almost Homeless and no Job or Income of any kind to buying a home in cash and then all these extra homes for others to live in and in THIS economy? And I’m only 38?!

I’m going to share with you how I’m using extremely tough circumstances to create major break throughs and get ahead no matter what is going on in the economy.

Pictured here is another new Building Just in the nick of the time to Close out the Year 2014 with  =)

100% of all revenue goes back into buying more NICE homes for more people to live in without taking food off their tables…

The reason I can do that without taking out ANY distributions for myself to live on, or for any other reason, is because I got into the home business industry first for my massive spring board.  And now I teach it in a Course I Personally wrote to Empower Other People to create Freedom and Contribution.

Most people who wanna do more to Contribute more also have to try and live off that money and they have to CONSTANTLY take more money out of what they wanna do so they can pay their bills.


I don’t teach that because its way too limiting in terms of your own personal freedom and in terms of how much you can contribute back into the world.

My students will always be Equipped to create more Freedom and Contribution.  And that is something the whole world Benefits from because I don’t do winners vs losers deals only Winners and Winners.  Big Difference and It’s playing out for real. I’m living it and LOVE sharing it with the world on this thing called social media and blogging =)

Reach out to me about my 30 Days to Profit Curriculum and see if it’s something you want to participate in.  If you do or do not I’m sure it’s the perfect decision.

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– Tom

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