You’re more Powerful than Cancer…

life can be so goodDrs should NEVER tell you you’re Terminally Ill. Drs should tell you that their knowledge to help you is Terminally Ill…

But what Medical Dr is going to Prioritize their desire to help you above where they placed their Ego?

I should re state my first sentence… You’re more Powerful Than Cancer When You Take Personal Responsibility for Reclaiming Your Health.

Check out the Gerson Therapy for Example…

They use NATURE to HEAL people of ALL cancers from ALL stages and Many other Conditions that Medical Doctors have claimed to be “terminal”…

The Collective Ignorant Ego of the Medical Community will Kill you if you let them.

Medical Treatment is the Number one cause of pre mature DEATH in all “Civilized” societies.

Medical Treatment can save someones life, but, it’s Fatally over used and kills more people than all Chronic diseases Combined because VERY FEW people take personal responsibility for their health.

I am NOT advocating that you go against your doctor or other health care professional.  Not all Doctors prioritize their egos above helping you.

I am advocating for you to become a FREE THINKING Human Being.

At the end of the day you are responsible for doing your own research and living with the decisions you make about your health and your life.

Think of your doctor as part of your team to help YOU make decisions.

If Medical Drs would Work with Naturalist Doctors in HARMONY with each other then in my opinion that would be the COOLEST THING EVER because more lives would be saved and more people would HEAL from needless pain and suffering.  Medications would dramatically be reduced from an industry that profits half a TRILLION dollars a year; Big PHRMA…

Are you beginning to see why they have ZERO incentive to help you heal??

But who says to their medical doctor, “Are you working with any Naturalist doctors or only Medical doctors?  Why the Hell aren’t you?”

Once upon a time a BRAVE man by the name of Dr. Max Gerson Discovered the cure for All Cancers from All stages in Nature.  Not Drugs.  Nature.  This was discovered Before ww2 and named after Dr. Gerson entitled, “The Gerson Therapy”.  Sadly the Gerson Therapy was immediately made illegal for United States Hospitals to practice upon it’s proof in healed cancer patients.

Enjoy this Video I personally Recorded  of Charlotte Gerson, Daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, talking about some of the incredible healing that takes place using the Gerson Therapy at the Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA…

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– Tom

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