An Excerpt of Notes From a Dani Johnson First Steps Event


Kitten Cuteness! This is what Real Metal Heads are made of!

98% of the population excuses away all their vision, their dreams, their goals, and then the next step they do is they excuse away yours.  They tell you that you’re stupid if you go after your dreams in bad economic times like this.  They lost their dreams and now they are going to try and pollute yours.

2% will encourage you to be all that you desire to be and say nothing is impossible you work hard and go for it!  That’s what 2% knows that’s what they say and that’s how they live and they’ve got the results in their life that proves it.  They aint no talk and no action they’re talk with results!   But 98% of the population gave up their dreams and are going make sure they can pollute everyone else around them and make sure they give up their dreams to.  Why?  Because when you actually go after your dreams yourself it makes them feel a little uncomfortable.  Why?  Because they realize that something was possible.  Because they realize when they see you go after it it sheds some light on them… They wonder “if”.

98% of the population destroys their dreams and destroys others dreams and 2% of the population says WOW there is a lot I wanna do!  2% of the population is not limited by their bank account.  YOU are not limited by your bank account you’re limited by your brain and your lack of understanding that your dream somebody else is living it!  Someone else found a way to do it! How they did it is they grew their income circle to finance their dreams.  That’s the difference between 98% and 2%. 98% shrinks their dreams to be just a little bigger than their income so they don’t die.

A man without a Vision WILL Perish. What’s your vision?  Is your vision just big enough to pay off debt?  Is that all you wanna do is make ends meet??  If your vision isnt worthy of you getting out of bed every morning then your vision isn’t big enough.  If your vision isn’t big enough to get you over your biggest fears then your vision isn’t big enough.  If your vision isn’t big enough to cause other people to want to follow you with it then your vision isn’t big enough. If your vision is about You making Money then it isn’t big enough.  You better spend some time growing your vision. What is it?  Where you going?  If you don’t know where you’re going no one else can follow you.  They already know how to go no where!!!

Get to a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success Event.  In a THREE WEEK time window I saw people pay off significant amounts of debt, open new INVESTMENT and savings accounts, and restore relationships with their spouses, children, and friends simply because they went to a First Steps Event, followed directions, and learned how to shift from a 98 percenter to a two percenter.

– Tom

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