A Call to Help the Causes that Really Beat in Your Heart

Desert Blue Sky

Desert Blue Sky

Make a LOT of money and take a portion of it and really help the causes that really beat in your heart versus being taken advantage of financially again by the same people who keep borrowing money from you, keep getting things for free from you, never using what you’ve given them for free, and not valuing what you’ve given to them for free.

Its time to make a lot of profit and taking a portion of that profit to help the causes that really beat in your heart.  That’s being faithful with the money.  Whats not being faithful with the money is handling your desire to save the day and you give it to someone who asks for it again and again and again because it makes you feel good. There is nothing like helping those who cannot help themselves.

Stop Enabling people!

Stop getting in their way!

Let them deal with their own consequences!

They need to suffer their own consequences. If someone keeps coming to you for money its because they haven’t paid their own price for the mistakes they made financially. You’re paying the price.  You are not the savior.  Let them pay their own consequences so they can grow up and learn how to take care of themselves financially.

– An excerpt from Dani Johnson Notes

– Tom
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