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Good Morning everyone!!! This is long but YOUR worth it!

I was on the call last night facilitated by the AWESOME Barbie Decker with Monica and Dave Ward who are the newest and 13th Millionaires with Team Beachbody. What incredibly humble people! They do not consider themselves any different then any one of us. They contribute their position in Beachbody with be consistent daily with unwaivered faith in doing what they love to do. Monica was a successful Teacher and Dave was a successful Attorney when they started this. Dave tried to talk Monica out of it at first. They now have 4 or five multi diamond business centers and they say it all arrived by truly doing what they love and that is helping others. They never focused on the money only the people.

In listening to them I also found a true sense of keeping it real. Always work from where you are and completely focus in the moment. Dani Johnson(look her up on Facebook. Brilliant motivator!) talks about this to great extent. We are surrounded by greatness in this Beachbody Community but never get ahead of yourself. Do not try to jump ahead to quick. Work from where you are and build solid foundations.

Some of the highlights were:

Gym vs. joining Team Beachbody. The Gym can be a big scary place you drive by a lot and never really go in. When you do it can be intimidating and confusing with many fees that go along with guidance or coaching. Big $$$ for someplace that can be overly busy in the beginning of the year and inconvenient with a busy schedule. The % of failure with new gym memberships is very high. No accountability. With Beachbody you have the comfort of your own home with no lines or waiting time. You learn fitness, nutrition, success along with life skills. We give a plan, a path and a deadline requiring accountability from all sides. You also get the joy and fulfillment of a fantastic community of non stop support.

Peoples “Why” Not only is it important but is it even big enough? Dave Ward said if your “why” is to drive a Ferrari well, what is after that??? He said really that Ferrari is not important. People tend to set their “why” around “things” and those “things” really are not important in the big picture of life. The sacrifice has to be WORTH the “why” Their first focus was the fulfillment of family time. Having unlimited time to spend with their children fueled their success and everything else material, house, cars, vacations came but were secondary to their true “why”

Immerse in personal development daily and be completely consistent with that. Minimum of reading 10 pages of personal development a day. Dave and Monica both stressed that you must strive for personal fulfillment. It is imperative for without it you may achieve your goals but never really be happy. Funny Monica quoted from a book I am currently reading for the SECOND time! yes I re read books! Especially ones that hook me in the first few pages. This quote is also from one of my GREATEST mentors ever Tony Robbins and it goes like this…. “I have seen business moguls achieve their goals, but still live in frustration, worry and fear. What’s preventing these successful people from being happy? The answer is they have focused only on achievement and not on fulfillment. Extraordinary accomplishment does NOT guarantee extraordinary, joy, happiness, love and a sense of meaning.These to skill sets feed off each other and make me believe that success without fulfillment is failure”
That’s why it is not enough to just choose to be successful. You have to DIG deeper then that to find your core motivation, to activate your superpower (YES YOU HAVE ONE!) Your why-power! The book is The Compound Effect and this was from a 2009 Success Mag interview with the CEO Darren Hardy (also author of the book) and Tony.

They talked about excuses and responsibility. Simple break down of that is this, If you want 5 people in your Challenge Group and you have 4 and stop. Your making an excuse why you didn’t get 5. You did not take responsibility to get that 5th person. you did not make enough calls, talk to enough people, send out enough invites to get that 5th yes. Do what ever it take for as long as it take to get where you promised yourself you would be. you need to figure out where you want to be and go after it with unwaivering faith. Excuses are easy responsibility is tough but it pays off in the end.

They closed with this. Figure out what is standing in your way. Is it you??? Then figure out what you truly want and include fulfillment in that dream. What fulfills YOUR life? more time with the kids, volunteering, starting a foundation…What is it? Then decide how bad you want it and go get it. Action!

I hope you read through all of this. A lot Tom has already taught me but hearing different perspectives just plants the seeds deeper. Thanks Tom, you are a true blessing in my life and I am forever grateful. We can never get enough of a good thing in our lives. Embrace and surround yourselves with who you want to be like and it WILL happen! I wish each and every one of you your dreams and a fulfilled life of helping others

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