An MD says diet doesn’t really have anything to do with inflammation and arthritis.

Me: What’s the cause of so much arthritis and cartilage deterioration?

Md: The cause is how she walks, weight gain, how she gets around etc.

Me: diet, dairy..

Md: diet doesn’t really have anything to do with inflammation and arthritis.

Me: I’ve met at least 200 people over the years who’ve healed themselves of arthritis and inflammation by eating more plants and cutting out Dairy.

Md: well, from eating more plants and less Dairy they would have experienced weight loss which would have led to their recovery from inflammation and arthritis.

Me: they put out the fires within 48 Hours some of them within the first day so I know it wasn’t weight loss it seems like it was eating more plants and cutting Dairy out. When people go to the medical community they are not told about what eating more plants and no Dairy can do for them and it makes me so sad.

Md: unfortunately most people will not follow dietary changes they just want whatever is convenient simple and fast and nine out of 10 people would not follow the diet advice anyway.

Me: so why not let them know about it anyway and afford them the option of choice so they can decide one way or the other. People should just know and then it’s up to them what they want to do with the information and I wish the medical community would respectfully do that.

This is a real conversation recently between myself and a medical doctor about if diet really does affect inflammation and arthritis. I couldn’t let this go but I was respectful and polite about it and this doctor really sincerely does want to help. It would be so wonderful if everyone had conversations like this with their doctors. It could significantly increase the quality of care and the outcomes of the medical profession.

Please share this. Everyone should know this.


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