Wanna ask some really great questions with me?

Some questions are really dumb because they don’t really help you find any solutions or solve any problems while other questions are the most intelligent questions because they unleash the power of your creative processes in your brain to figure stuff out.

I’m going to give you two big examples of these types of scenarios and maybe it might help you solve some of your problems and make some breakthroughs.

A very different way of framing questions that can help us come up with better answers than in the past..

The first example I’m going to give you is health! Draw parallels to whatever is true for you and whatever is going on in your life.

A lot of people want to lose weight, or, release weight from fat as I like to say.

A common bad question people ask is, “why am I so fat?” You might answer with because I’m a pig, I’m a slob, I’m lazy, I sit on my butt all day long, I eat like poo all the time etc.. you’re going to come up with all these reasons which you know might be true to an extent but they don’t help you solve any problems. In fact, it might make you feel worse about yourself and then you’re probably going to be less likely to do anything about it.

Here’s a middle of the road example, or a worse question or even a more dangerous question that somebody could ask themselves. “What do I need to do to lose some weight?” So why do I say that question could possibly lead to a dangerous answer and outcome or it could be helpful it could go either way? Because the answer to that question in and of itself could be a starvation diet where you destroy your health.

Anybody can lose weight and be an unhealthier skinnier flabbier version of their former self with sore joints and so forth.

An intelligent question that somebody could ask themselves internally and out and about as you’re looking for answers, “What can I do to increase my health, build up my immune system and my natural healers, my natural defenses so that the release of fat is a natural byproduct of getting healthier. So that the release of weight from fat is a symptom of getting healthier!” hmmm well now you’re going to unleash the creative processes of your human brain to go down that beautiful path and figure that out so you’re not doing something dangerous to yourself or other people around you.

You’re going to get healthy and release weight from fat the right way, by getting healthy.

The other example I’m going to give you is about money.

A lot of people are dirt poor. A lot more aren’t dirt poor but one emergency away from being completely destroyed. The overwhelming majority of people are sick and tired of their time being strapped to their paycheck.

The bad unintelligent question otherwise smart people ask is, “Why don’t I have enough money? Why am I still living paycheck to paycheck after working so hard for so long? Why can’t I provide more for my family?” Those questions could lead to answers that don’t really hep you find answers and maybe make you feel worse about yourself making you less likely to do anything about it because they answer you answer with could be, “because I’m stupid, I stink with money, I don’t know what to do or what I’m doing, because I’m lazy etc”.

You could also answer those types of bad questions with excuses like, “because the economy is bad, politicians are liars and slant the system against me, my boss is a jerk and doesn’t pay me what im worth, somebody broke a promise, its not my fault etc” so now it’s everything other than your responsibility because these are excuses and a lot of people do that. Im not pointing any fingers I have to watch myself from doing that, too!

Whatever the case, you’re not going to come up with any solutions with bad questions and answers like that so don’t frame questions that way.

Here is a step above that, or below, it could go either way. You could ask yourself, “What can I do to make better money? How can I make more money?” In and of itself if you just take that question at face value this is going to be a reflection of your moral character.

The answer could be, “I’ll rip people off. I could rob a bank. I could steal. I could lie. I could cheat. I could deceive. I could bait and switch. I could Trojan horse. ” You could get more money by hurting people and yourself.

Here is a highly intelligent way to frame this question, “What can I do to make more money as a direct result of adding value to other peoples lives so that other people are benefiting and that’s going to result in me making more money?” And to step it up with even more intelligence frame it this way, “What can I do to make residual and passive money so that I can decouple my time from my paycheck and become a free human being but in a way that is a direct result of providing some kind of benefit, some value, some helpl for people solving problems helping people do this in some way shape or form?”

Can you imagine what the world would look like? How much better it would be and just flat out not just different but superior it would be than what we have today?

If everyone were asking that question and framing it that way as to how they’re gonna make their money, if everyone did that there would be no more lying, no more deception, no more cheating, no more stealing, no more bait and switch, no more Trojan horses, no more sleazy scummy salespeople and corruption etc. All corruption in politics and in big business would be gone if every one of you thought that way.

I’m not naive enough to think that’s ever going to happen but certainly if I can make a post like this and maybe plant a few seeds, have people thinking about it, and people sharing this and maybe this message goes viral, people start looking at it that way instead of how can I make more money but now people are going to ask what can I do to add a benefit to the world, the planet, to other creatures and have that result in making more residual and passive money so I can become a free human being.. OMG that’s a game changer!

I can’t think of a more intelligent and considered way to frame that question of how can I fix my financial situation.

Imagine if you gave up all negative energy you hold toward money.

Now you have a positive energy toward money because now it’s linked inexplicably so to benefiting the planet, the environment, to other people and other creatures that we share this planet with.

Now it’s a positive energy about money you hold so now you can go out there and do it!

Imagine if you proclaimed out loud and proud, “I’m going to tell the world I want to make as much money as possible throughout the course of my life as much as possible as a direct result of solving problems, adding a benefit, adding value, helping X Y & Z because that’s how money should be created! I’m going to bring as many people with me in health and in wealth and overall betterment so that we all benefit together not at the expense of other people or at the expense of the environment or at the expense of other creatures that we share the planet with! I’m going to make lots of money! I’m gonna get downright rich in every way possible. Not at the expense of my personal life or the expense of other people or other peoples freedoms. That’s how I’m going to get rich and make as much money as I can by bring as many people with me because who ever said it’s lonely at the top is a dangerous fool!”

Goodbye corruption in politics and big business and everywhere else for that matter. If enough people take on that attitude and are very out loud about it we can crush this sentiment that exists where a lot of people have a very negative energy about money.

We wonder why it’s mostly the criminals of the world who have control of most of the money supply.

It’s because there’s too many otherwise good people that have a negative energy attachment towards it.

Let’s change that!

That’s the umbrella that is over every other issue. That’s the umbrella issue that affects all other issues so that’s what we need to do.

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