Are you prepared to grow?

As you GROW to create your wonderful life be prepared..

There will be people who feel your growth makes them look small.

Secretly there will be some people wishing you to fail so they feel comfortable playing small with their own lives.

They will smile in your face pretending to love you.

They will come around when their down and vanish when they’re back up again.

Some will hate how others love you and be disgusted at how some are influenced by you.

Some will be more honest and tell you to your face you are toxic positivity.

Some will support you, pretend support you, bash you to your face, bash you behind your back while loving you to your face; it will never end. Some will even try to get others to turn on you and some of them will be successful at getting others to hate you, too.

Are you ready for this or will it break you and cause you to shrink back into playing small so they are comfortable with you again?

You’re going to be stretched on both ends and it’s gonna be necessary to give you the emotional maturity and humility you will need to sustainably grow into who you desire to become.

Few will grow while most will only sit back on the sidelines to witness growth in the few.

Most will take their dreams to their grave while few will give their dreams life.

Embrace losing some people in your life for the net gain of growth in yourself and the new people you will connect with.

The question you have to ask yourself is this…

Are your dreams big enough to grow you or small enough to shrink you?

You’ll always be pulled by your dreams or pushed around like a rag doll flailing in the wind by your circumstances.


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follow your heart

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