Sometimes it’s better to release whatever it is we think we know and instead look at results or lack of results.

This philosophical refinement can change the course of the rest of your life as it did for me.

This video I’m going to use the example of money because money is easily measured because all of us know how to count money.

Poor people are not lazy, they have just messed up with money and we’ve all got multiple somethings we’ve messed up.

Rich people are not automatically hard workers they are divided up between hard workers and extremely lazy.

The segment of the rich who are lazy are lazy because they’ve inherited their Fortune then used a small percentage of it to legally bribe our politicians to Rob poor people of their money through the public treasury while they sit on their lazy butts. So let’s just recognize that sad, unfair, and morally bankrupt reality right off the bat.

This country desperately needs a public policy that does not allow companies to render their workers too poor to live.

We have no control over that set of circumstances so instead let us focus our energy where our power actually is, that is, how we respond to our countries morally bankrupt unfair public policy.

Earlier I said poor people are not lazy they just messed up with money. It’s either a budgeting problem, an earnings problem, or a combination of both budgeting and earnings.

It’s not judging or demonizing to point out and recognize mistakes. We all make mistakes it’s part of Being Human. Unfortunately many of us don’t recognize our mistakes therefore we trap ourselves and that is an inside job.

The solution is also an inside job.

If you’re broke struggling to make ends meet you have to recognize you’ve messed up with money and love yourself unconditionally because this is about finding Solutions not self-loathing or demonizing.

Do you make plenty of money, a little money, no money, but you have a spending problem? If so, is it worthwhile for you to figure out how to earn more money so you can fund how the lifestyle you love?

In my opinion it’s better to grow your bank account to fund your dreams rather than shrink your dreams to to match your income.

Mainstream advice will tell you to shrink your dreams and live below your means.

There are two problems with this. One, it will kill your human spirit and two, that shuts off your brain from a rich and creative process to solve problems; making it easier to become mentally lazy and find excuses.

If you commit yourself to Growing your income you begin to unleash the power of your human brain to search and find solutions to earning more money to fund your dreams.

Typically if you listen to what most people are telling you and run the opposite direction you will be unusually successful, remember that.

The next time someone tells you to shrink your dreams and live below your means, be polite but use that as fuel to motivate the living daylights out of yourself to prove them wrong.

Don’t live below your means, expand your means and live the best one and only life you’re ever going to get. Unleash the power of your mind to a rich and creative problem solving one and you can grow your means to fund your dreams.

Doesn’t that sound like more fun than shrinking your dreams to match your stagnate income?

I thought so.

You’re probably not going to be able to change circumstances you cannot control so place your energy where your power is, that is, refining your personal philosophy to how you respond to your circumstances as stepping stones forward.

For me that meant getting into a side health and fitness gig that pays me residual money which made my job optional. Residual money made my job optional.

Residual money.

Learn residual money.

Make your job optional and open up your own options in life.


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follow your heart

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