Beating Big Emergency Expenses

26 THOUSAND dollar expenses I’m suddenly hit with.

I’m GRATEFUL I can cover it.

More than half the country can’t afford a $400 emergency.

80% of the country cannot afford a single thousand dollar emergency.

Before I learned about residual and passive money I was hit with a $200 car expense that I stressed about because I had to borrow it from my parents and slowly but surely pay them back.

Fast forward to today after learning about passive and residual money I can cover a 26 thousand dollar series of sudden expenses.

This is one big reason I talk so much about how critical it is for you to start learning about generating your own residual and passive income.

Life is one singular dash between your birth and death dates.

It’s the only dash you’re going to get.

Don’t waste it living and dying in a ratt race that has your time bound to your income.

Decouple your time from your income so you can separate yourself from money and LIVE free to spend your one dash however you want to spend it.

I generate my residual and passive money through Health and Fitness. I love having both HEALTH and Wealth. Wealth is useless without Health so that makes sense to me to organically marry the two.

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follow your heart

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