What will the day bring you?

Will it bring news that you are a newly diabetic because you ate too many sweet Foods for too many years?

will you learn you have hypertension and a candidate for a heart attack because you would not learn to eat without adding salt to everything?

Will you learn that your foot has to be amputated because when you first learned you were pre-diabetic you would not receive your wake up call to begin leading a more faithful life?

Will you learn your child has a diagnosed behavioral disorder because you did not feed your child foods that are free of genetic engineering to Save A Buck at the checkout line?

Will you learn that you have a $1,000 emergency and you don’t have an extra $1,000 because you believed getting a job to pay bills was intelligent or safe?

Will you learn you have cancer even though you ate clean and exercised but refused to give up stressing out about everything?

On those rare days that big events happen it’s not so much that singular day that brought it on its the days and oftentimes many years preceding those big eventful days of living unfaithful to our mind and body.

Let’s turn the table and then I’m going to give you a true-to-life Nuance that happens to all of us.

Will the day bring you news that you are now debt-free, financially free, you can afford unexpected emergencies, you no longer depend on a job to pay bills?

Will you learn today that you are finally free to do what you want with your time in that singular Dash you get between your birth date and your death date?

Will you learn today that you have healed from everything that ails you physically so you can be healthy enough to thrive physically and mentally?

These things took many days and often times years to accomplish too!

Now here is the true to life Nuance we all experience from time to time.

Today will you learn bad news about your situation even though you’ve been doing the right things and will this cause you to surrender your critical thinking faculties in problem-solving or is it all just feedback to learn and grow from on your journey?

If bad things can happen even if you do good what’s the point?

We don’t really have absolute control over anything but we do have an extremely large degree of control by daily choices we make.

We can stack the odds overwhelmingly in our favor each and every day.

The passing of time has no biases and is Politically Incorrect.

The passing of time will either expose you for consistent bad decisions or it will promote you for consistent good decisions.

Good or bad outcomes it is all just feedback.

Good outcomes teaches you what you can scale up on that is working.

Bad outcomes teaches you what to correct and re correct over and over again to get a more desirable conclusion.

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Go for both better quality money and health.

Yes and yes is rich it forces you to unleash the power of your potential to solve problems.

Either or is poor it makes it easy to find excuses which leads to laziness and bigger problems.

Life is better when it’s worth it.

Make your life worth it.

Health and wealth. Grow healthy rich people.


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