Blueberries and Vegan Chocolate.. the best pairing on planet Earth for post workout recovery.

Reduces inflammation from lactic acid build-up.

Reduces inflammation in the body in general regardless if you worked out or not

Strengthens natural immunity.

Fountain of Youth for your skin, hair, and nails!

Replenishes rapid loss of vitamins and minerals from hard workout.

Repairs and builds muscle.

Purifies the blood which is delivered to all your 1 trillion cells.

Supports healthy ATP production which is the PowerHouse of all your cells.

Speeds up recovery so you can get faster results in your health and fitness.

It’s in 100% Disobedience to drug companies and for-profit health insurance companies.

Enhances your personal Independence and critical thinking skills.

Supports you being a better provider, producer, parent, friend, person in general to yourself and others around you.

Makes you a more positive force in the world for change and when necessary a revolution!

I personally was never motivated to workout and change my lifestyle until August of 2007.

What changed for me?

The lady I was dating back in 2007 got into a home health and fitness business with residual income.

The promise of an opportunity to become financially free attached to my personal fitness kicked my ass into high gear.

My first workout I was out of breath just 30 seconds in (not minutes) and a single flight of stairs would take the wind out of me.

After a few months I ran 103 flights of stairs at the Sears Tower in Chicago with no breaks =)

A couple years later of doing this in my precious MINUTES of spare time every day I became financially free and the job became an optional thing in my life because of residual money. Hooray!!!!

My then girlfriend invited me, so now I’m paying the invitation forward to you.


Yes, just two.

Just be EAGER to learn something new that can help you become healthier physically and financially and take ACTION (otherwise you’re just an intellectual masterbater who never creates anything).

If you feel pulled, DM / PM me so I can send you an article I wrote about it and if it turns you on you’ll be able to get started with us.


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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