Natural Health and Organic Wealth Riches – An Invitation for you

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with opening yourself up to spend your time where your heart is aligned. Passive and residual income. 98% of the country doesn't have it and is doing nothing to created it. It doesn't matter if you love or hate your job. The income quality from your job, or your self-employment, has your time tethered to being able to afford your cost of living. Passive and residual income untethers your time from affording your cost of living, your cost of luxury expenses, your cost of charity you give to, your cost of anything and everything. When your time is untethered from your income you are now able to invest more time where your hard wants to be because I actually everything is now covered. Finally you can live like a human being rather than a hamster on a wheel or a rat in a race you never get ahead of. That is the whole value of passive and residual money! It actually has nothing to do with the money but everything to do with being able to invest your time where are your heart is aligned :-) Job money, and self-employment money, forces your whole life to be revolved around the paycheck that you work for. Passive and residual money opens you up to the freedom to it put your time where your heart is aligned. What changed for me personally? In 2007 I dated a girl who started creating her own passive and residual income with her new home business dealing in Natural Health. She invited me to which I said no thank you. LOL 3 months later I said yes sign me up I need this because I'm broke and my health is going to hell in a handbasket fast. I learned from scratch because I knew nothing about any of this. Two and a half years later of doing this in my precious minutes of spare time my job became optional so I retired myself from the job racket in 2010. The natural progression is to pay it forward with an invitation for you who is reading this. If you feel pulled, private message me for my article I wrote about creating passive and residual money with natural and organic health. In my opinion it makes sense to couple this type of income with natural health because if you don't have your health then it's really hard to enjoy any new wealth. Your health IS your real wealth! So let's create your passive and residual income dealing with natural health. Private message me for the link to my article. If you like what you read and you still feel genuinely pulled, we will get started. My only requirement I put on you is to have a genuine desire to learn something new outside of the box that you're use to. Feel free to share this. Thank you! Tom P.s. When time and money are no longer limiting you what's the first thing you would love to do? As for me it was an 8-day Caribbean cruise with a balcony stateroom and that's exactly what I did :-) Imagine not having to save money or paid days off from work anymore because you have a consistent flow of passive and residual money coming in each and every week. What would you do?

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