But Do They Make You Think? – By Diane Hochman

DSC04384 copyI know they make a lot of money…

I know they have the screen shots to prove it.

They generate leads galore and drive a hot car.

They travel all over and show you pictures of them
sipping fruity drinks by the pool.

But do they make you THINK?

That is the big question.

Business is not built on COVETING.

It is not built on salivating on a picture
of a car, a house, a boat or cash.

Business is built on knowledge and action.

Business is built on mentorship.

And yet so many chase after those that will leave
them high and dry…

Giving them the next screen shot they will use to
entice yet another poor soul into the land of
losers who shell out money based on a fantasy.


Maybe so.

But the world is harsh…

The industry is harsh…

Your loved ones can be harsh….

Your creditors sure are harsh.

So why not me?

Why can’t I tell you the truth?

Or are we all supposed to be happy and smiley
and make believe that everyone is gonna get rich?


That is a LIE.

Very FEW are gonna get rich.

The question is…

Will you?

Will you be free?

Will you run with people that make you
THINK and become MORE?

Or will you buy yet another deal hoping
that THIS will be the answer.

Wanna know why I don’t sell biz ops yet I am
at the top of several?

Because I don’t wanna work with people who
hope that the biz op will solve their problem.

Cause it aint gonna.

Know why I don’t sell products that teach you “tricks and hacks”?

Cause I don’t want to work with people who think a TRICK is
gonna save em…

(BTW..do I know thousands of tricks and hacks?
Of course I do!)

Know why I don’t run around screaming about the
money I make?

Because I don’t want to work with people who
think that the money I make represents the money
they might make.


Only YOU determine how much money you make.

And me…

At this stage of my career…

After 15 years…

I only wanna play with those that wanna THINK.

With those that want to DO.

So now go and ask yourself…

Are you running with people who CA– USE you
to think and grow and be your very best?

To step outside of your mediocrity and to find your GREATNESS?

If so….

You are in the right place.





If not.

Whatcha gonna do about that?

Balls in your court.


Diane “In Your Face” Hochman

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