Generated More $ and Lose Significantly LESS in Taxes..

My Tax Attorney Just completed my Taxes and I’m SMILING =)

I Generated Lots more money and owed ZERO dollars on my tax bill which means I’ll be able to put even MORE Money to work to help Other people and the Planet we live on than I did last year =)

Generating more $ while reducing your taxes will never be available to anyone working a job or other types of pyramid schemes.   You’ve placed an enormous limitation on your ability to create Freedom and Contribution.

This money is not mine to Hoard in massive savings accounts or stuff under a mattress..

I don’t even want to put it into wall street to invest in the stock market which is what most people think of when they think of investing, sadly..

I’m covered financially from a home biz I was invited into in 2007. I don’t need a job or to steal my time out of my life for an insidious paycheck.

I have more about that on my “Fire Your Boss” Page if you’d like to Learn more About That.

I had to OVERCOME my head trash and my circumstances of Having No skills as well as a job I had that was Off shored to India along with ALL of my income and “benefits” at the time.

One thing I did have was an open mind and an unquenchable thirst for learning and growing no matter what was going on around me…

Why aren’t more good spirited people generating more cash and healing the planet with it?

Why are so many evil people making lots of money and polluting the world with it?

Why are Most Self Employed people even less free and pay even Higher Taxes than people witha Job even though they became Self Employed to Create More Freedom in the first place?

My reason for sharing this with you is to get you who are good spirited to Get Over Your Negative Energy about Generating tons and TONS of money and Legally Keeping as much as you can from an egregiously wasteful Government…

The more of you who are good who do this the closer we can come to taking control of the money supply out of the hands of the criminals of the world and FINALLY begin to reverse Global Poverty, Starvation, Human trafficking, Children Sex Slave Rings, Factory Farming, An out of control PhRMA, corrupt government and industry, a Toxic food supply, etc…

My aim is to help you KEEP more of your own money rather than needlessly give it to the government and god only knows what they do with it..

Don’t you believe you could put your own money to work to more meaningfulness than whatever it is the government is doing or NOT doing with it?

Check out this Video I made for YOU who are motivated by Nurturing and Giving…

– Tom

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