Can You Succeed in Business if You’re Not a People Person?

Ive heard some “experts” say you have to be a people person and love people in order to succeed in business.  In my personal experience that isn’t true.

I’m not a people person and I have an abundantly wonderfully successful business.

Historically and presently people have treated each other with scorn, judgement, persecution, and violence.  We are the only species on the planet who acts as a cancer on the planet. What is their to like about that?

“If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” – Jonas Salk

“We have polluted our environment in the name of progress to such an extent that we are now reaping what we have sewn. We poisoned the environment with all our modern day activities and it is now returning in the form of fish and other flesh born animals to poison us back.” – Rachel Carson

“Humans are capable of the most amazing things no matter what” – Jim Rohn

Here is some beautiful truth as I’ve experienced it in building an abundantly wonderful successful business as a NON people person.  Ive never been motivated by being liked which sets me free to speak truth to people even if it means they may not like me for it.  I’m next to impossible to manipulate because I’m not motivated by impressing others and I’m not motivated by recognition except from people I have affection for.

I spent lots of time and money learning people skills so that I can expand my positive influence over people because even though I am not a people person I believe in the goodness of people but wise enough to know most people feed the bad in themselves and neglect the good in themselves.  Friends rest assured that when I express a liking or interest in you its genuine.  The fact I am not a people person heightens my affection for people who feed the good in themselves and neglects the bad.

– Tom

“The Human Condition is defined by the following three paradoxes:

  1. Human imagination can take them anywhere, dragging their physical bodies along.
  2. Humans are capable of the kindest, most noble things, but are also capable of the most horrible and terrifying things.
  3. Humans hope for everlasting life, but are always inventing new ways to destroy each other.”

— Jefferey Brodd by way of wikipedia.

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