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The Law of promotion is this and it applies to anyone who wishes to get better and become more: Learn how to prosper with what you’ve got and you will become ruler of much more.

The examples and real life testimony is endless. I’m going to keep this focused to keep it simple so as long as you conceptually pick this up you can apply it to your life no matter what your scenario is.  You can never be the exception to the law of promotion it just is not possible!

I will start at Rock Bottom.

Let’s say you’re broke and you no longer want to be broke.  I know this isn’t a “what if” scenario a lot of you reading this are totally broke.  So soften the soil of your mind and allow me to plant some new seeds of wealth with the law of promotion.  Hard mind means no seed can be planted and the broke stay broke.  Prepare yourself to criticize and replace beliefs that perhaps you’ve fought to protect tooth and nail to protect all the while those same beliefs you fought for were causing you so much needless pain and suffering.

Buy a business and become an investor into yourself and into your business.  But you’re starting with nothing how can you buy a business?? You have to RAISE money to fund that initial investment into yourself of buying a business.  Just because you’re broke it doesn’t mean you do nothing.  That’s how they who are broke stay broke.  If you have money to invest right away that just means you have a different starting point.  No matter where you’ve been planted, grow!

For example.. I’ve seen some people sell personal belongings on Ebay until they can make that initial investment. Most don’t think that could ever be enough to make a difference because it’s such a teeny tiny start.  I know someone who started out doing exactly that because she was flat broke and five years later she has earned One Million dollars. She’s not broke anymore.

When I started I found some people willing to pay me $10 an hour to do yard work.  One lady paid me $300 to paint three rooms of her house. I also started teaching guitar lessons for money. Before the lessons and the yard work I had ZERO income.  I had no job, no unemployment, no nothing!  That was my starting point! I also cut every bit of “fat” from my expenses that I could. All my spending was purely on necessities and lots of people have a very skewed perception of necessity vs. luxury.  I invested everything I could have from the money I had raised into myself and two and half years later I declared financial freedom and independence.

I know another person who was not physically able to do physical labor but she had a talent for making inexpensive jewelry so she did that to raise money for her initial investment.

Raising money, growing, and compounding an income that you own is only about half of the equation.  The other half is is trimming the “fat” off your monthly expenses.  Trimming the fat and growing an income go hand in hand.  Trimming the fat and coming out of DEBT, which is really just another word for bondage, will feed into growing an incoming and prospering from where you’ve been planted.  You must do both raising money and trimming fat.

One area that would be more than enough for most people to prosper from where they’ve been planted would be to sell their TV, turn off the cable, and invest all that money and time they would have spent on the TV into themselves instead.

There are lots of people who have gone on to to grow their lives and the lives of their family enormously just by swapping out that one incredibly well oiled poverty making machine known as the T.V. for something else that would no longer suffer their priorities but grow the realization of their dreams.

The average cost for TV subscriptions per person in the United States, cable satellite or otherwise, is well over $100 per month.  There are businesses you can start for HALF THAT amount that you could go on to make millions of dollars with.  If you stopped watching TV for a year you could afford to get your TV back in every room of your house in the most expensive make and model being made and you’d still be making really nice money with your business.  Whatever you decide to spend your money on it is wise to re invest at least one third of that money back into yourself and into your business so you can make even more money the following year.  But if you’re only goal is to make money then your vision isn’t big enough and you will quit so you better be in this for something greater than just to make money.

Will most TV viewers and cable subscribers whose priorities are suffering sell their T.V. so they can make their priorities right?  Most of them won’t.  And 98% of the population ends up either dead or dead broke by the age of 65 depending on friends family and government as the main source of their income.  Be the 2% and sell that stinkin T.V. if your priorities are suffering.

Next, get out your high lighter and check book registry, bank statement, or whatever you have that tracks all your expenses.  I want you to highlight every purchase spent on food. You will likely blow your mind at how much money you spend on food every month and it’s probably food that’s making you sick rather than healthy.  I’ve had people do this who figure out they’re spending about $400 – $500 more a month on food than they need to between going out to eat, the $5 here and there spent at the convenience stores on small junk food items, all the little indiscriminate spending that added up, the fast food “value” meals that’s made the whole family sick which resulted in even more wasted money on hospital co pays, on and on and on.  What do you see in your food purchases that’s being wasted?   Your kids college tuition is at the fast food places and little convenient marts.  All those things you said wanted to do but can’t afford it, those places you wasted your money on has all your cash.   Going through your food expenses and making some changes their can certainly help you to prosper from where you’ve been planted.

Next, go through your closets, storage spaces, basements, shelving systems and wherever else…  Sell all the stuff you never use anymore.  Most of you have got a full wardrobe of perfectly good clothing that you never wear and never will wear again.  That’s worth money!  If you’re starting from broke and you don’t have $40 to buy a business that you can use to make millions with then its time to raise the money you need to be able to buy the $40 business.

Let’s say you’ve got some capitol set aside and you just don’t know what to do with it but you know you want to grow from where you’re at right now.  The law of promotion is still the same.  Learn to prosper with what you have and you will become ruler of much more.  You’re starting point is to begin investing as soon as you know what to invest in.  Seek until you find there are opportunities everywhere for you and so much information is available for free. You can still cut spending and grow an income simultaneously none of that changes just because you have money to invest with right away.

Let’s say you’re doing well, you’ve got millions in the bank, you’ve reached a plateau you’re stuck, and you want to keep growing yourself.  The law of promotion is the same for you as it is the person who is broke and everyone in between.  Learn to prosper with what you have and you will become ruler of much more.  No matter how much money you have you can still cut expenses, ramp up investment, give more to the starving, and keep growing your money.  Poverty are those who spend and show all that they make and there are both poor and rich people who are poverty.

He who spends to show all that he makes is stupid but he who invests and helps the starving is wise.

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– Tom

P.S. The strategies communicated above have been used by people who have literally gone from homeless to financially free and independent.  But those strategies are just the tip of the iceberg, if that!   

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