Money is the Root of All that is Good – Change Your Relationship With Money


Hear me out before CLUTCHING YOUR MORALS to judge me with =)

The LOVE of money is the ROOT of and where evil and corruption is birthed.

When you generate money from work and production you give value to money.

Therefore, the value of money is sourced from good people who work and produce.

When you generate money from looting and entitlement you take value away from money and dishonor the people who work and produce.

The devastating paradox happening right now is there are many good working people producing something who say things like, “money is evil” or, “Money causes greed” or “money makes people do bad things” etc..

When you associate a negative connotation to money you actually dishonor the source of that money which is YOU doing the work that you do to produce something that generates money and adds value to money.

So you are both taking from and adding value to money through your in-congruent good work and negative connotations about money.

It’s a sinister form of Self-Sabotage you’re not aware of you’re doing to yourself and to your family.

The looting and entitlement has grown to a level that the united states government decided to take our Dollar off the gold standard in 1971 in order to keep printing more paper money, backed by nothing and giving rise to inflation, to be able to keep up with a demand for an ever growing entitlement driven society and a shrinking VALUE driven society.

Some of you need to place a catchers mit on your mouth when you start talking negatively about money because when you speak such foolishness in reality you are paving an easier way for more corruption and entitlements which only hurts your ability to make an honest living for you and your family.

You need to stop shooting yourself in the FACE, not in the foot, in the FACE.

Line up your values with your mouth and how you spend your time and your money.

Put your money where your values are.

Everything is connected to money because it’s the medium in which we trade goods and services on.

This is how we transform entitled and corrupt business, government, people, and cultures into value driven business, government, people, and cultures.

This is how we can end poverty, starvation, factory farming, the sex trade, human trafficking, corruption in all levels of government and business, and it’s also how we restore HONOR and fairness to every working person who produces something.

Something more to “Chew On”..

When you think about it, as a whole culture we are voting for every problem we have with government, corporations, PhRMA, our food supply etc.

When more people start to put their money where their values are you will start to see banks, corporations, PhRMA etc reflect it with how they change their behavior, too.

When you think about it, they are only doing what we are voting for by the decisions we make about money.

We are corrupt = they are corrupt.

We clean up our own home first = they clean up theirs too or they go out of business.

We routinely vote for Cancer, Chronic disease, Chronic Debt, Corporate Greed, Corrupt Government, entitlement Banking, the lifestyle Death of our kids…

WE vote for all kinds of needless SICK things that are happening because of Our Relationship with Money and the decisions and beliefs we have about Money.

One final thought to inspire you to change your relationship with Money..

Ego says, “I have what I need I don’t need to make more money”.

Humility says, “I NEED to make millions more than what I need because 1 billion kids in the world are starving to death and they need me to put my stupid ego aside to help out.”

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– Tom Birkenmeyer

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