The Fear of Loss is a Path to the Dark Side

follow your heartBecause the Great and Wise Yoda Said it, so it must be true!  People who try to cause harm by taking away from us actually do us some really big favors but most people don’t see the “favors” they only see the loss and feel frustrated.

Hear me out..

This is a VERY human emotion to feel and operate from because we don’t want to lose anything.  We want to gain!  Right?  The fear of loss actually gets in the way our gains. We inhibit ourselves BIG TIME when we operate from a fear of loss.  It sends us down a path to the dark side. We FEEL it!  A fear of loss is a ceiling we place over both our personal and professional lives.

So what are these “favors” we are not seeing? What is the solution so we can arrive at our destiny without this massive hindrance getting in our way?  The solution to liberating yourself from your Self Imposed prison sentence actually has Everything to do with something that no one else on planet earth is better at than you, regardless of your past and present.

Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about:

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– Tom

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