Credit Cards Friend or Foe?

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Remember kids credit cards are just pieces of plastic with power that we give them from our thinking. Like anything else they are a tool! But this particular tool is a financial tool that can help or hurt your wealth depending on how you think.

Person (A) uses the credit card with awareness, understanding, and accountability. Person (B) uses the credit card lacking awareness, understanding, and accountability. Person (A) has a more favorable outcome than person (B). The credit card is the same for both person (A) and (B). The only difference is in their thinking which lead to different actions which lead to different outcomes.

If you use a credit card I recommend being like person (A) and not like person (B)!

If you fully realize and understand you are incurring real debt then the credit card is an enormously helpful piece of plastic that can benefit you hugely 🙂 Most credit card issuers will actually pay you to use their credit card.  You’ve just got to pay them off every month on time. They are basically paying YOU interest instead of you paying them interest to use their available credit!! And you are rewarded with their money simply by your awareness, understanding, and accountability. It’s a no brainer in my opinion. Do what you should be doing anyway and you are rewarded with more wealth.

If you need to work on yourself first then it’s probably best not to use credit cards because you will ultimately spend money to spend money and that to me does not make any sense. But once you have the discipline, the awareness, the accountability, and the understanding then I’m a very strong advocate of using credit cards they are AWESOME.

– Tom

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