Personal Growth Mantra

Say this outloud every morning and experience how you begin to feel and the bold new actions you begin to create to shape your beautiful life.

I commit to myself and to putting myself FIRST

I commit to myself first because I’m worth it

I commit to myself first because I’m more valuble to other people when I’m at my absolute best to be able to help out

I commit to never stop growing because I’ve staked my human existance on my stated purpose

I commit to show the strength of the commitments I have made through the strength of my daily actions because I know that action is the only creative process that has the power to shape my life and help the people around me at the same time.

I commit to take care of myself every day because I’m worth it, my family is worth having me at my best, and the peoples lives I have the power to touch are worth it.

I commit and my daily actions will show the strength of my commitment.

– Tom

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