Debt Free Does not Equal Financially Free

If you have no debt whatsoever, none, are you free?

No you’re not.

You have these bills that keep showing up every month.

Therefor you have Residual bills.

If you don’t have residual money to cover those residual bills you’re not free.

What if you stopped showing up at your job?

That turns off your income obviously because you stopped showing up.

So the income is going to turn off but you still have these bills that keep showing up every month and you have no debt.

Your time is still coupled to your income which means you don’t have time freedom.

So, that’s not to take away from being debt free if you are debt free.

No consumer debt, you own your house outright no mortgage, no car payments, no credit card debt and so on and so forth that’s awesome! Not to take away from that at all!

If you want to be a free human being where you’ve got your time de-coupled from your income you need residual and passive income.

You have residual bills so you might as well have residual income to de-couple how you spend your time from your income and then at last you’re a free human being unshackled from the chains that bound you to the dollar.

You could actually be in debt.. Let’s say you’re a million dollars in debt (extreme example but to make a point) but you have an annual residual income of two million dollars.

You’re a free human being!

Versus somebody who has no debt and has no residual income but they have residual bills.

The person with a million dollars of debt with two million dollars residual income is actually way more free than the person with no debt and no residual income.

I hope that makes sense.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, private message me if that’s more comfortable I don’t care I’m open and honest.

If you are debt free celebrate it but don’t confuse it for financial freedom or being free because most debt free people are still chained and shackled to the dollar or they can’t pay their bills and eat.

I’m offering a point of view that is way outside the box of what just about anybody is thinking about.

If you love the concept of being a free human being, free with your time, time freedom to be able to do what you want, it doesn’t matter if you love your job and you live a life style that doesn’t interfere with your job.

If you can’t de-couple your time from your income you’re not a free human being with how you’re going to spend your time.

The only thing that can give that to you is residual passive income and it’s something that can be built up in anybodys spare time.

One of the hallmarks of residual money is it can be built up even if you’ve just got twenty minutes a day like my start was when I started at only twenty minutes a day. It’s all I had time for in the beginning.

I know people who’ve done it on the potty!

I’m actually writing a five minute potty break trainer.

That’s what I’m going to call it.

I’m teaching people how to build residual money in 5 minute increments.

I got inspired by somebody who did it in two minute increments. But that’s a bit extreme.

So it’s possible even in two minutes at a time but I’m going to do at least five minutes at a time.

Everybody gets at least a five minute potty break at work so.

I’m really looking forward to having that published and that will be out soon.

Feel free to ask me about that as well if you wanna be on a list of people that I make aware of as soon as it gets published.

It’s going to be a great training.

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Hope you enjoyed this post.

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