Challenge You Without Stressing You

I FEEL emotional pain.

I feel happiness and sadness in the full scope of that spectrum of emotions.

I feel DEEPLY but WITHOUT stressing most of the time if not all the time.

There is a worth while discernment to be made between emotional sadness that we respond to with stress and emotional sadness that we respond to without stress.

I think it’s HEALTHY to have a full scope of emotions that you FEEL deeply.

The worthwhile journey is to learn to feel all emotions stress free including the painful emotions.

Life is like an orchestra.

I love this analogy.

There are happy notes and sad notes. It’s a mix. If you just hear happy notes all the time it would get annoying. If you just hear sad notes all the time it would get annoying. If you get a good mix of happy, sad, and everything in between then it’s a more rich experience.

You can get that full spectrum of emotions without stressing about it just like an orchestra can play a full concert and it doesn’t have to be a complete jumbled stress mess that destroys itself.

The wide spectrum enhances the experience.

You can walk out of the concert with a feeling of WOW… What did I just experience??? That’s Living! And you didn’t stress out about ANY of those wonderful ranges of emotions did you?

What if you approached lifes full scope of emotions that way?

What happens when you feel good?

It’s easy to respond good when you’re feeling good.

What about when you’re emotionally hurting?

Sometimes it’s easy to stress out about it and that induces the aging process. It makes you feel older over time. You’re going to feel older and look older. When you learn to condition your brain to feel without stress… when I’m emotionally in pain I can stress about it or I can just feel it and then bring myself back as it happens because life is kind of like a roller coaster that way.

Peaks and valleys.

We can have those peaks and valleys without stress, just FEEL and LIVE.

I think those peaks and valleys are actually very good for us when we mature ourselves emotionally to the point where we don’t have to stress about it. We can just feel it and we can be open with each other about it. We can talk about it and be vulnerable because there is a lot of power in that. It’s gonna go a long way towards helping you look and feel younger.

I’m going to go very briefly over the other major variables that contribute toward looking and feeling younger as we get older.


Regular deep sleep because that’s when the brain releases growth hormone and heals the body from the days stressors and other things you need daily and nightly healing from.

Eat lots of plants!

Whenever somebody compliments my skin, or how young I look, it’s an automatic gut response at this point. I simply smile and say, “Thanks! I eat a LOT of plants”. When they learn I’m in my 40s they are practically in shock. A lot of people guess I’m only 24. I don’t know why that weird number is so common to guess but it certainly makes me happy to tell them I eat a lot of plants and THANK YOU. They always giggle when I say that but it gets them thinking, too.

Regular physical activity!

Get in regular exercise that’s going to challenge you without stressing you.

I’m going to add the same nuance to exercise that I added to emotional pain.

Yoga is great for teaching people to find the calmness within the storm. It goes in alignment what I was talking about in the beginning of this post. You can feel emotional pain without stressing about it and just let it be part of enhancing your life in this adventure that you have in this physical world. With exercise it’s the same thing. You find your point where you’re being challenged so that you get more fit and more healthy but you find the calness in that storm when you’re doing a move, holding a pose, or whatever and its uncomfortable. Find that calmness in that storm man!

That’s certainly gonna go a long way towards looking and feeling younger as you get older.

I’m spring loaded!

All my joints feel like they did when I was twelve!

I’m on no medications.

I was suppose to have arthritis when I was 26. Today, in my 40s, not only do I NOT have arthritis, I jump out of bed every morning! Not because I’m happy. Sometimes I am sometimes I’m not. Just as a mechanical function I can spring into action out of a seated position and my joints feel like they did when I was twelve, literally. No exaggeration.

That’s pretty cool!

No medication, I eat a lot of plants, I get regular deep sleep, I get regular challenging exercise, and I feel the full spectrum of emotions without stressing when I’m sad.

When you are able to push yourself hard in your workouts and learn to find that calmness in the storm it translates into every day functional life.

When things in life get stressful or emotionally painful you learn to find the calmness within the storm. When you can find that calmness in the storm you’re just gonna be more productive. You’re gonna respond better to lifes challenges and emotional pain.

Sometimes we tend to do as humans, we take a disastrous situation and we create another disaster from the disaster because we don’t find the calmness in the storm. Instead we stress out about it and that tends to multiply the problem where we take an already messy situation and make it messier. Instead of that let’s respond with finding calmness in the storm. We can respond better.

Pretty cool stuff !

I hope you enjoy this post.

Please share this if you know some people that need to hear this.

We all need to hear things like this.

It would be a happier world if ideas like these were more commonly being floated around for people to absorb.

I need to hear stuff like this too so I study great ideas regularly.

How else do you think I’m able to keep coming up with all these posts? =)

Comment below with something that you do to help yourself and to help other people around you.


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