Debt makes everyone lots of money Except You

Desert High Stretch

Desert High Stretch

We live in a culture that has gotten comfortable with dysfunction.  We also live in a culture where the very powerful elites know how to enslave everyone else on complete stupidity.

14,000 hours of school you had from kindergarten to the 12th grade.  Not a single class did you have teach you wise and foolish with money. Not a single class to prepare you for the financial world in which you live in. And then some of you spent even more money to go to college and still wasn’t taught a single thing about the financial world in which you live.

So how in the world are you suppose to pick this stuff up?  Where did you learn how to spend money?  From your parents!  How many of your parents were not in the 2 percent? History repeats itself again and again and again.    You spend the way your parents spend.

Most parents don’t set their kids down to teach them about money.  Most parents just tell you to get a job.  Then what do you do with what you make?  You spend it.  You were taught by society lead by a government that has enslaved its people in debt on purpose.  Why?  People who are in debt are fearful.  And fearful people are easy to control.

Independent thinkers?  Freedom?  That’s not what they want.  They want us to be in debt. They make LOTS of money selling debt.

Parents you’re teaching your kids how to spend money whether you know it or not.  They are watching how you spend it.  How many of you don’t want your kids to end up with the same financial struggles you have?

Money goes from dumb to smart.  Find out what 98 percent of the population is doing with their money and do the exact opposite.

Get to a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success Event.  In a THREE WEEK time window I saw people pay off significant amounts of debt, open new INVESTMENT and savings accounts, and restore relationships with their spouses, children, and friends simply because they went to a First Steps Event, followed directions, and learned how to shift from a 98 percenter to a two percenter.

– Tom
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