War on Debt Poor and Rich living the Same Poverty

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If you are serious about Destroying Debt First you have to get rid of the rest of your ego because automatically you are going to want to defend your money, your financial habits, and you’re going to want to defend you’re debt.

You cannot do that and expect to no longer be in debt!  Kill your ego and that softens the soil for new seed to be planted in you for sweeter fruit tomorrow. Keep the soil hard with unteachability driven by an ego and new seed cannot be sown and you are screwed.

98 percent of the population uses money to spend it all and most of them have no idea where there money goes. If you are spending all you make now, then when you make more money you will continue to spend all your money and still be broke. The more you make the more you spend and the further in debt you go!

Want proof?  Easy!

Are you making more today then you did when you first got out of high school?  And are you less or further in debt than when you got out of high school?  98 percent of you the answer is yes and yes which proves you have a spending problem enslaving you with debt. Time to kill the ego, the mind set, and learn some new debt destroying skills so you can live FREE of debt bondage thats imprisoned some of you for most of your lives. Liberty and freedom is wonderful embrace the mindset and skill set that leads you to freedom and liberty!

When you first entered the work force you had no debt at all.  Odds are you’re making more money today then you did when you first started working but you’re further in debt! Somebody tantalized you with college loans, credit cards, and car loans. Guess who tantalized you with loans?  The 2 percent of the population did because they know that you want what you want and you want it now. The 2 percent knows you want instant gratification and you’re willing to pay more for it to get it now.

That’s 98 percent of the population and that is a poverty habit.  Poverty wants what they want, they are going to pay more on interest to be able to get it.  There is a difference between spending and investing. Poverty people live as they show all their stuff and spend all they make.  That’s the mind set of 98 percent of the population.  There are rich people who show off all their stuff and spend all they make and they are also of poverty. This proves that a financial class does not dictate poverty.  Poverty is a mind set followed by a habit of living as they show all their stuff and spending all they make and both rich and poor people have it.

– Dani Johnson Notes

– Tom
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