Lucky, Cursed, or Self Determined?

My job was off shored to India

My health care was taken away from me

I was attending school full time and a half

I had ZERO income, I had virtually no time, my health was in decline…

Does that sound like a ‘Lucky’ scenario?

I thought I was cursed or something.

The only stroke of luck that I have is that I was born and raised in America.

The rest of my good fortune came from my ambition and a willingness to do the things that most of you are not willing to do when you’re struggling.

Today I’m happily jobless.

I can do what I want.

I report to no boss.

I have time.

I have excellent enough health to enjoy myself.

I’m not sacrificing time for money and I’m not sacrificing money for time.

I’m not sacrificing health for anything.

I’m not living underneath the thumb of anyone who can tell me what to do.

I’m not controlled by money dependency to pay my bills like people are who need their job.

Rich people in poor health and no time are not successful.

People with lots of time and no money are not successful.

Some say, “Tom you’re lucky!”.

I appreciate that people are happy for me but I was not lucky by any means except that I live in America.

I had nearly everything working against me before I became SELF Determined.

I stopped waiting till things got better.

I stopped telling it how it was keeping it as it was.

Most of you are not willing to do that and that is why I’ve passed up most of you are.

I actually started at a place much further behind than where most of you are at and I still passed you up because I became SELF determined.

No matter what someone had it worse than you and figured it out.

Excuses are what people use to rip themselves off before anyone else could.

How does that make you feel to know there are people out there much worse off than you who are now doing circles around you while you are still waiting to go after your dreams?

Some of you will read this and become inspired while others will read this and feel hurt or offended.

Which camp are you in? Inspired or hurt and offended?

Most of you are willing to procrastinate or let your fears inhibit you from doing things you innately want to do.

That’s why most of you are behind on your promises and that isn’t going to change until you give up your mental gymnastics to rationalize your circumstances.

Sometimes you have to forget about what you think you know and instead look at your results.

If you want out of the mess you’ve gotta have the guts to at least see yourself in the mess even if it’s painful.

That’s why some people are able to get out of the mess.

That’s how some people are seemingly ‘lucky’.

They aren’t lucky.

They are Self Determined.

They are just willing to do the things most of you are not willing to do because they are SELF determined.

Here is a sad reality.

49 out of 50 of you will be dead or dead broke before the age of 65 dependent on the federal government, friends, and family as the main source of your income and you will be diagnosed with 2 or more chronic diseases.

49 out of 50 of you are controlled and manipulated by money dependency to pay bills til your death.

Only 1 or 2 out of that 49 will do something about it and become SELF determined.

If you fall into this category of wanting FREEDOM and doing nothing about it then you have to hear this..

There are lots of people in this nations past and present who have known devastation, poverty, and adversity that you have and I have never known who took advantage of opportunity that you let slide by and now those SELF determined people are running circles around you while you still have nothing more than wishful thinking and rational for telling it how it is keeping it as it is.

How can an individual who is worse off than you pass you up and run circles around you while you’re not even in the game yet but still just standing their on the sidelines of your own life??

That individual became SELF determined.

That individual has a philosophy that’s driving them forward and you have a philosophy that’s sliding you backwards.

“The laws of sowing and reaping don’t say if you need you will reap. The laws of sowing and reaping say if you sow you will reap.” – Jim Rohn

How many of you out there wish you were in better shape, you’re able to at least walk on your own two feet but not willing to exercise regularly all the while there are people confined to a wheel chair and still doing whatever they can to be healthy?

How many of you out there wish you had more time and money, you’re able to at least make ends meet, you have a roof over your head, and do nothing to take advantage of opportunities all the while there are people living in the same country as you with absolutely nothing but ambition who are now running circles around you?

How many of you experience an emotional set back and then use that emotional setback to keep procrastinating on your promises; all the while the largest success stories in the democratic world are those who were driven by their emotional pains that are far greater than ANY tragedy you’ve ever known?

Why is that???

The sooner you realize it’s not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail that determines your destination then the sooner you can begin to change the direction of your life.

Position your daily actions so that both positive and negative events in your life act as a stepping stone toward success.

When looking at my own past I am embarrassed for waiting til I was jobless with zero income, no health insurance, no time, and declining health until I finally did something about it.

Even though it was not my fault my job was off shored to India I was extremely embarrassed and felt shame over my situation.

I saw my situation for what it was, as painful as it was to look at, and I replaced some bad habits with good habits.

It would not have been possible if I was not brave enough to see ‘it’ for what ‘it’ was so that I knew what I was dealing with to be able to pull myself out of the mess!

That’s exactly how the truth, albeit sometimes the painful truth, will “Set You Free!”

Free to correct the errors of the past so you can have a completely different future.

So you can set a better sail this year than you did last year to arrive at a more desirable destination.

I hope this helps you cultivate a burning desire in you to do something.

I don’t even care what it is as long as it leads to a positive impact upon others around you.

Set yourself on fire and let the world watch you burn!


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