Don’t Deny Compensation for 9/11 first responders

9/11 first responders (17 years later) are still fighting for health care coverage for life threatening health problems they struggle with as a result of what they suffered as they fought to protect our country and fellow citizens.

When our elected leaders say “never forget” they are full of shit.

Our elected leaders are not honorable people with differences. They are Vile.

#presidentpinocchio is the most vile and brazen liar of them all doing exactly what his legal bribers tell him to do right after he ran a whole campaign promising us he would never participate in the systemic corruption of private money in our politics. He just costed us nearly two TRILLION dollars worth of corporate welfare all paid out to billionaires but we can’t afford health care for 9/11 first responders? #presidentpinnocchio is the most corrupt puppet, the most vile, and the most brazen liar of all the puppets in our politics.

Republican or democrat it does not matter almost all of them are vile liars who’ve sold us all out for their billionaire bribers and it’s all legal. What kind of an insane system has legalized bribing? Ours does but thankfully 93% of the country wants the legalized bribes to become illegal.

On this 9/11 and EVERY day let’s honor victims by taking action that helps them rather than regurgitating words like “never forget” while we don’t cover health care costs for the first responders that are still clinging onto life today.

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