Teaching our kids about Assault vs Consent

Is it child abuse when a mother teaches her daughters that if they dress provocative they are asking to be sexually assaulted because that’s what boys will do around provocative girls?

If so then is it also child abuse and logically consistent when a mother (or father) teachers their sons that when they give in to their sexual urges without consent it’s not their fault if the girls are dressing provocatively?

It seems like this is mostly taught in religious families.

If you want to dress provocative or outright slutty even you should be able to do so without being assaulted or judged for it.

Having said that, it’s naive to believe you’re going to escape life from being assaulted so you have to exercise good judgement.

If I had a daughter I would do my best to teach them about good judgement and preventing themselves from being in any kind of dangerous situation. But just in case they run into trouble I would take them to self defense classes and maybe even fire arms safety classes so they can defend themselves just in case.

If I had a son I would teach him to respect women ( and other men ) as valuable human beings. I’d teach my son about consent, good judgement, and I’d have my sons take self defense classes too because everyone is at risk of being assaulted by default just be being alive.

As for the parents who teach their kids dangerous philosophies of shunting personal responsibility… We have to co-exist with them. What to do about them perpetuating problems of assaults and shunting personal responsibility?


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