Dr Martin Luther King Politically Incorrect Excellent Legacy

Did you know?…

If MLK were alive today most members of congress AND president Pinocchio would be fighting him every step of the way while they LIE through their teeth about how they respect Dr. King.

Dr. King was for universal Health care, ending the wars, ending income inequality, regulating businesses from exploiting workers, strengthening workers rights and many other issues that would piss off the donor class who buys politicians.

The only mention the mainstream of today gives of Dr. King is his position in racial equality.

Mainstream Media and politicians DESPISE Dr. King.

They never talk about anything beyond racial equality he advocated for.

Dr. King even called the American government the biggest purveyor of violence in the world.

He wanted to end the wars and abolish poverty.

Dr. King wanted a SOCIAL Democracy.

Dr. King was right. He is DEFINITELY one of my heroes.

Dr. is also a pastor I can get behind because he actually did try to live like Jesus.

So why don’t we celebrate ALL of Dr. King?


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