Ever since I updated my profile pic, cover pic, and intro section I’m getting these private messages from women telling me how full of myself, narcissistic, and ego-centric I am.

So, I’ve decided I’m keeping these 3 items exactly how they are for the time being <3 Love and appreciation to the women who love and appreciate men with standards.

I feel like the existence of my facebook profile is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me. That’s what I call good leverage that frees up more time to focus my energy on who and where it matters.

The rampid widespread bad behavior of women in the dating pool is a daily reminder of how important it is to screen and filter before even setting up a date. I’m sure this is true for women also. If you’re a man or a woman you have to have clear standards that does not tolerate the bad behavior. I’ve never been on a date that was not fun because I do a good job at weeding out the bad dates before they have a chance to happen. Thank goodness. So yes, a mad love shout out to women with standards who also love men with standards.

Always be yourself. Let the wrong people weed themselves out and they will <3


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