Feeling Overtaken with Gratitude..

follow your heartLet me explain.. I’ve been wrapping my mind around what has happened the past two weeks and still have more to go. It was MAGICAL thanks to the other people in my life I’ve chosen to surround myself with.

First, thank you to Sian Lindemann for step up and playing big instead of small. You started something that had an unbelievable chain reaction that will live forever. Can’t wait to do more this is just the beginning.

Andrea Noble you also played BIG instead of small. I merely mentioned “ok all our flights have been cancelled sooooooooo feel like driving to saint augusting FL from wisconsin, and through a blizzard that happens to be freaking out the state of georgia? You jumped up and said YES! This of course was right after you enrolled yourself into a home business that most people won’t do which lead to you retiring from your Job just a few months later. AMAZING. You are incredible to travel with. You’re an incredible friend, period. This isn’t just a business it’s so much MORe and so much BIGGER than a business or a single person. These connections we are making makes is richer than the ridiculous large sums of money is making is richer.

Denise Jolly, Ricky Fleischman, and puppies, thank you for spending so much time with us for a full week! You made us feel welcomed, cozy, and even emotional in a good way. The only thing more awesome than the location you live is YOU personally. Saint augustine FL is a beautiful tropical oasis, but, I can honestly say its you who brings me back there more than the climate and historic city. Love you both. Can’t wait to see you again!!!!

Melissa Starr and family.. You’ve always been one of my best friends. I have no doubt you’ll always be one of my best friends. New Orleans, biloxi, shaggys, Gulfport, the climate you live, all just icing on an already awesome cake that doesn’t even need any icing in the first place. Love you all. I’m so glad we’ve connected on this earth, however it happened, and have blossomed a beautiful meaningful friendship out of it.

This is a very public post and very much on purpose. Friends, there is no way I would have been able to turn, very last minute, what was originally going to be a three day trip into a magical two week trip with people that I love and care about in beautiful locations of the country during this time of year if I had a job building someone elses dream. People have many GREAT ideas and reasons for wanting to be self employed in a team that covers for one another. But, honestly, you still have No Clue whatsoever what it means to be self employed in a way that brings you FREEDOM until stuff like this (that you cannot predict) happens. I cannot imagine running this by a gatekeeper (an employer) to do this, and change things up and extend my trip as I have. There is no freedom (regardless if you love or hate your job) if you have no passive residual income from an asset that you own that covers all of your expenses. I’m feeling really emotional right now because of all the people I’m bringing with me, and coming to realize more and more with every adventure what this means to me and so many other people. Read this and let it inspire you friends. You were meant for more. Play bigger than you have up to this point. Draw a line in the sand and play big beginning today you’ve got a Dream to build, don’t you?

Draw a line in the sand..

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– Tom

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